Zbu language

Native toChina
Native speakers
Language codes
ISO 639-3(included in jya)

Zbu (Chinese Ribu 日部), or Showu, is a Rgyalrong language spoken in Sichuan, China.

The Khalong Tibetan language has a Shawu (Zbu) substratum, as evident from its phonology and grammar.[2]


Gates (2012: 105-106)[3] lists the following locations where Zbu is spoken. It is spoken by over 6,000 people in 28 villages.

  • Sìdàbà (Written Tibetan: Stod-pa) District of Barkam County: in Kāngshān (Khang-sar) and Rìbù (rDzong-’bur) Townships
  • Rangtang County: Wúyī Township and Shili Township, in Shàngdàshígōu, Zhōngdàshígōu, and Xiàdàshígōu Villages. Shili Township also has Shangzhai (sTodsde/Northern Horpa) speakers.
  • Gēlètuó Township, Seda County, Ganzi Prefecture: in Tshopo, Nyagluo, Rabde, and Tshekho Villages
  • southwestern corner of Ābà/rNga-ba County: in Kēhé and Róngān Townships (Asejie, Mengu, Sharga, Ganba, and Tsega Villages). Amdo Tibetan is the local lingua franca.


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