Zanzibar Archipelago

The Zanzibar Archipelago
Unguja and Pemba Islands

The Zanzibar Archipelago (Arabic: أرخبيل زنجبار‎, Swahili: Funguvisiwa la Zanzibar) consists of several islands lying off the coast of East Africa south of the Somali sea. The archipelago is also known as the Spice Islands. There are four main islands, three primary islands with human populations, a fourth coral island that serves as an essential breeding ground for seabirds, plus a number of smaller islets that surround them and an isolated tiny islet.[1]

Most of the archipelago belongs to the Zanzibar semi-autonomous region of Tanzania, while Mafia Island and its associated islets are part of the Pwani Region on the mainland.

List of islands[edit]

Main islands[edit]

Surrounding Unguja Island[edit]

Surrounding Pemba Island[3][edit]


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