You (vessel)

You with zigzag thunder pattern, Early Zhou, Shanghai Museum

A you is a lidded vessel that was used for liquid offerings by the Chinese of the Zhou and Shang Dynasties. It sometimes lacks taotie in favor of smoother surfaces. Sometimes these vessels are zoomorphic, especially in the form of two owls back to back. Usually the handle of the you is in the form of a loop that attaches on either side of the lid, but it is occasionally a knob in the center of the lid. They can be quadruped or have a single base.


Image Name Era Time of evacuation Place of evacuation Current location Notes
Bronze You Made for Count Luan.jpg Luan Bo Tong You (𫕉[nb 1]伯铜卣, lit. "Bronze You made for Count Luan") Western Zhou 1999 Baicaopo, Lingtai County, Pingliang Gansu Provincial Museum
Yu You.jpg Yu You (圉卣) early Western Zhou Liulihe Township, Fangshan District, Beijing Capital Museum
Shu Quan Fu You (叔䟒父卣) Western Zhou 1978 Xizhang Village, Dongzhang Township, Yuanshi County, Shijiazhuang Hebei Museum
You with zigzag thunder pattern.jpg Quzhe Leiwen You (曲折雷纹卣, lit. "You with zigzag thunder pattern") early Western Zhou unknown unknown Shanghai Museum
Jiangxi Sheng Bowuguan 20120627-65.jpg Shoumianwen Sanzu Qingtong You (兽面纹三足青铜卣, lit. "Bronze You with beast face pattern and three feet") Shang Dynasty 1989 Dayangzhou, Xingan County, Ji'an Jiangxi Provincial Museum
La Tigresse, bronze vessel to preserve drink. Hunan, 11th BC. Cernuschi museum.jpg Hu Shi Ren You (虎食人卣, lit. "You depicting a tiger trying to devour a man") late Shang Border between Anhua County, Yiyang and Ningxiang County, Changsha Cernuschi Museum, France Two pieces. The other piece is currently at Sen-oku Hakuko Kan, Japan.
Yuefu You.jpg Yue Fu You (戉箙卣) late Shang Shanghai Museum


  1. ^ Obsolete Chinese character, left side "阝", right side "爰".


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