Yang Zhuang language

Yang Zhuang
Native toChina
RegionSouthwestern Guangxi
Native speakers
770,000 in China (2004)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3zyg
Geographic distribution of Yang Zhuang.

Yang Zhuang is a Tai language spoken in southwestern Guangxi, China, in Napo, Jingxi and Debao counties.

Li Jinfang (1999) suggests that the Yang Zhuang originally spoke the Buyang language, and later assimilated with other Tai-speaking peoples (See Buyang people#History).


Zhuang dialects given in the county almanacs of Jingxi County, Debao County, and Napo County are listed below. This region is also known as the "Dejing" 德靖 area. All names and statistics are from the local county almanacs (县志), as quoted in Jackson et al (2012). Note that these divisions are often ethnic rather than geographic. Thus, some "Yang" peoples may actually speak non-Yang Zhuang dialects, and vice versa. Jackson (2011) shows that most Yang dialects do indeed form a distinctive subgroup against Fu (also shown to be a distinctive subgroup) and Nong.

Variants with multiple names include:

  • Yang 仰 in Jingxi / Nongshun 农顺 in Napo
  • Fu 府 in Jingxi / Lang 狼 in Debao / Nongfu 农府 in Napo
  • Zuozhou 佐州 in Jingxi / Zhazhou 炸州 in Napo

Jingxi County[edit]

Below are the various Zhuang dialects of Jingxi County. The townships with which the most speakers of the dialect live in are also given. Only "Yang 仰" corresponds to Yang Zhuang.

  • Yang 仰:[3] 371,892 speakers; all townships
  • Zong 宗: 75,957 speakers; Ande 安德, Nanpo 南坡乡, Sanhe 三合, Guole 果乐乡
  • Long'an 隆安 (Nong'an 侬安): 26,102 speakers; Quyang 渠洋镇, Sanhe 三合, Bameng 巴蒙, Dadao 大道, Longlin 龙临镇
  • Zuozhou 佐州:[4] 27,011 speakers; Xinxu 新圩, Dadao 大道, Longlin 龙临镇, Ronglao 荣劳, Ludong 禄峒
  • Rui/Yei 锐: 11,304 speakers; Kuixiu 魁圩乡, Bameng 巴蒙
  • Sheng 省: 14,718 speakers; Kuixiu 魁圩乡, Nanpo 南坡乡
  • Fu 府: 1,146 speakers; Bameng 巴蒙, Dadao 大道
  • Total: 528,130

Debao County[edit]

Zhuang dialects of Debao County are:

  • Lang 狼话[5]: 255,000 speakers in all townships
  • Min 敏话: 17,000 speakers in Fuping township 扶平, near Napo County
  • Nong Zhuang 侬话
    • Nong Zhuang 侬话 (Southern): 17,000 speakers in Ma'ai township 马隘, Du'an township 都安, and 4 villages in Dongguan township 东关
    • Nong Zhuang 侬话 (Northern - Baise): 34,000 speakers in Dongling township 东凌 and Puxu township 朴圩
    • Nong Zhuang 侬话 (Northern - Tiandong): 17,000 speakers in Longsang township 隆桑
  • Total: 340,000

Napo County[edit]

Yang 央 dialects of Napo County are:

  • Yangzhou 央州: 41 villages
  • Yangdong 央垌: 100 villages
  • Yanggai 央改: 3 villages
  • Yangwu 央伍 (Yangniao 央鸟): 24 villages
  • Yangtai 央台: 22 villages
  • Yangwo 央窝
  • Yanglong 央龙
  • Yangyin 央音
  • Yangjie 央介
  • Yangnan 央南

Non-Yang dialects and their distributions in Napo County are:

  • Min 敏话: all townships
  • Dong 峒话
  • Nong 农话
    • Nongshun 农顺:[6] Longhe township 龙合
    • Nongfu 农府: Chengxiang township 城厢
  • Bunong 布侬:[7] Baidu township 百都, Baisheng township 百省
  • Rui/Yei 锐: Longhe township 龙合
  • Ao 嗷: Chengxiang township 城厢
  • Sheng 省: Pingmeng township 平孟
  • Jue 决: Chengxiang township 城厢
  • Yong 拥
  • Long'an 隆安: Longhe township 龙合, Baidu township 百都, Chengxiang township 城厢
  • Zhazhou 炸州:[8] Longhe township 龙合

Notes and references[edit]

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