Wolofal alphabet

Wolofal is a derivation of the Arabic script for writing the Wolof language. It is basically the name of a West African Ajami script as used for that language.

Wolofal was the first script for writing Wolof language. Although the Latin alphabet is the official script of the language in today's Senegal, Wolofal is still used by many people as a symbol of Islamic Wolof culture.[citation needed]

Wolof letters
Wolofal letters Variants Latin letters Pronunciation
ب b [b]
ݖ چ‎, جۛ c [c]
د d [d]
ف ڢ f [ɸ]
گ g [ɡ]
ه h [h]
ج j []
ک k [k]
ل l [l]
م m [m]
ن n [n]
ݧ ñ [ɲ]
ݝ ݤ ŋ [ŋ]
ݒ پ p [p]
ق q [q]
ر r [ɾ]
س s [s]
ت t [t]
و w [w]
خ x [x]
ي y [j]


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