Wikipedia:Naming conventions (places in Bangladesh)

This guideline is derived from WP:PLACE to explain some localized nuances in Wikipedia's coverage of locations in Bangladesh and the transliteration of Bangla language to English.

Geographic places of Bangladesh include (1) geo-political territories (divisions, districts, upazilas, thanas) and (2) localities (cities, towns, villages, neighborhoods, islands, etc).

The page names in the English Wikipedia, and place names used in the text, should be widely accepted modern English spellings. Hence, [[Sylhet]] but not [[Silet]], Dhaka, not [[Dacca]]. Alternative and local names, including historical names and spellings can be mentioned in the lede. Redirects (see Wikipedia:Redirect) should be created for these alternative and local names, and for alternative spellings, whether they are mentioned in Wikipedia or not.

When multiple spellings exist, choose the page name according to Bangladesh government portal.[a] Next place to check is Banglapedia ( Note that, government portal takes precedence, and that the government portal and Banglapedia use different transliterations in many cases.

Territories and localities[edit]

  • Words: district, division, upazila, thana are generally part of proper name and thus capitalized. Hence, Dhanmondi Thana but not [[Dhanmondi thana]].
  • Special places of interest and regions without political definitions can be handled similarly as localities.


Whenever possible, articles on places in Bangladesh go under [[placename]]. Note that Dhaka, Dhaka District and Dhaka Division are different place names.

When disambiguation is needed, a comma convention is used:

  • For cities, district headquarter towns: [[placename, Bangladesh]]
  • For divisions and districts: [[placename, Bangladesh]]
  • For places within cities and towns: [[placename, cityname]]
  • For places and territories within districts, but not in a city: [[placename, district]]. Here, district name would drop the part District from name for sake of brevity. e.g. [[Kaliganj Upazila, Gazipur]] but not [[Kaliganj Upazila, Gazipur District]].
  • When one level of disambiguation is not sufficient, use the disambiguated name of parent place: [[placename, A, B]].


  1. ^ Bangladesh government portal is mostly in Bengali. So, in many cases it may not help. In such cases refer to Banglapedia. If there is no article in Benglapedia either, refer to and furnish some government source (e.g.