Web Platform Installer

Web Platform Installer
Web Platform Installer screenshot.png
Initial releaseJanuary 21, 2009 (2009-01-21)[1]
Stable release
5.0 / February 14, 2013; 6 years ago (2013-02-14)[2]
Operating systemWindows XP SP3 and later
Windows Server 2003 SP2 and later[2]
Platformx86-64, IA-32
Size4.5 MB
Available in14 languages[2]
List of languages
English, German, Japanese, French, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified, Czech, Polish, Portuguese-Brazil, Russian, Turkish
TypePackage management system

Web Platform Installer (Web PI) is a freeware, closed-source package management system that installs non-commercial development tools and their dependencies that are part of Microsoft Web Platform, including:

The ability to install third-party software was added in version 2.0, released September 24, 2009.[3] As of July 2015, Web PI can install 82 titles.[4] Web PI 2.0's options are populated dynamically at runtime from Microsoft's servers, allowing installation options to be updated without the need to download newer versions of the Web PI itself.[5]

On July 7, 2010, Microsoft announced Web PI 3 which includes WebMatrix, a new set of integrated tools for web development. Web PI 3 installs additional tools for web development including IIS Developer Express, SQL Server Compact and DotNetNuke.

Web PI features an offline mode where products can be downloaded to a local cache on a machine where internet access is available and then use these cached files on a different machine later.[6] However, Web PI is still not usable in environments where Internet connectivity and local administrator privileges are mutually exclusive (i.e. a given process can either authenticate through a transparent proxy, or can have High or System integrity level, but not both).

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