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My name is Dna-Dennis and I am from Sweden. I've been contributing to Wikipedia since 2005 since I think it is a splendid project, and since I believe I have knowledge to offer. My interests are quite a few; the main being science, history, literature and music, and I believe strongly in the concept of Fair use.

Nowadays I don't do much editing in Wikipedia, and when I do, I focus mostly on scientific articles, images and minor things. Throughout the years I have collaborated with many professional and friendly wikipedians, and I am very thankful for this fruitful and interesting experience.

The last couple of years I have been heavily studying World History, and therefore I have tried to contribute to historical articles in the best way I can, and World War I & II in particular. Why am I so interested in history nowadays? Well, because I have a strong desire to find out in detail what has happened, read different opinions on why in order to build my own view on the events of humankind.

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