Union of Leftists

Union of Leftists

Союз Лівих Сил
LeaderVasyl Volha[1]
FoundedDecember 8, 2007 (2007-12-08)[2]
IdeologyDemocratic socialism
International affiliationNone

Union of Leftists (Ukrainian: Союз Лівих Сил) is a Ukrainian political party led by Vasyl Volha.[1]


After at the 2007 parliamentary elections the Socialist Party of Ukraine vote share collapsed Vasyl Volha left that party and created Union of Leftists.[3]

The party was founded on December 8, 2007 and its goals were empower local communities, provide state support for poor regions, stop the privatization of strategic state enterprises and the sale of agricultural land, make Ukraine geopolitically neutral and make Russian the second state language.[2]

In November 2008 the party headquarters were the target of arson. According to the party, this was connected to an action against radical nationalism in Ukraine conducted by the party in Simferopol the day before where they burned swastikas and flags of some nationalist parties.[4]

The party participated in the 2010 presidential election as part of the Election bloc of left and central left political forces and supported Petro Symonenko as this bloc joint candidate for the post of Ukraine's president at the 2010 Ukrainian presidential election.[1][5]

The party did not participate in the 2012 parliamentary elections.[6] And again not participate in the 2014 Ukrainian parliamentary election.[7]