U language

Native speakers
40,000 (2000)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3uuu

The U language, or P'uman 濮满, is spoken by 40,000 people in the Yunnan province of China and possibly Burma. It is classified as an Austroasiatic language in the Palaungic branch. In China, U speakers are classified as ethnic Bulang.


U is spoken in Shuangjiang County of Yunnan and other nearby counties.[3]

  • Wang & Chen (1981) covers the dialect of Pengpan 碰拚, Dafengshan Township 大凤山乡, Shuangjiang County.
  • Zhou & Yan (1983) covers the dialect of Pangpin 胖品,[4] Yongge Township 永革乡, Shuangjiang County.
  • Yan & Zhou (2012) cover U of Gantang 甘塘,[5][6] Yongde County as well as U of Pangpin 胖品.
  • Svantesson (1991:67) documents the U dialect of Paɑ̃ Xɛp (Bangxie 邦协), Shahe Township 沙河乡, Shuangjiang County.[7]

There 2 main dialects of U in Shuangjiang County: one spoken in Gongnong 公弄 (now part of Mengku Town 勐库镇), and one spoken in Bangbing 邦丙 and Dawen Mangga 大文乡忙嘎; the Dawen dialect is reportedly mutually intelligible with that of Shidian County (Shuangjiang County Ethnic Gazetteer 1995:160).

Avala (autonym: a21 va21 la21) is spoken in Bangliu 邦六,[8] Manghuai Township 芒怀乡, Yun County 云县, Yunnan, China.[9][10]


U has four tones, high, low, rising, falling, which developed from vowel length and the nature of final consonants.


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