Turks in Turkmenistan

Turks in Turkmenistan
Total population
13,000 (2012 census)[1]

Turks in Turkmenistan are either Turkish people who live in Turkmenistan even though having been born outside Turkmenistan, or are Turkmenistan-born, but have Turkish roots. By Turkish roots, this could mean roots linking back to Turkey, or in neighbouring countries once part of the Ottoman Empire that still have a population whose language is Turkish or who claims a Turkish identity or cultural heritage.


Turks in Turkmenistan according to Soviet Censuses
Year Population
1970 347
1979 149
1989 227

Turkish community[edit]

Due to the common ethnic, linguistic, religious, cultural and historical ties of Turkish and Turkmen people, the Turkish community in Turkmenistan are well integrated. In Turkmenistan there is 1 high school, 1 primary school, 1 Turkish Language Training Centre and 1 Vocational Training Centre operate in Ashgabat under the Turkish National Education Ministry.[2]

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