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The Tubalar are an ethnic group native to the Altai Republic in Russia.

According to the 2010 census, there were 1,965 Tubalars in Russia.

The villages with the highest population of Tubalars are Artybash, Iogach, Novotroitsk, Tuloi, Tondoshka, Kebezen, Ust-Pyzha, Biyka, Yailu, Chuyka, Torochak, Paspaul, Salganda, Karakoksha, Tunzha, Krasnoselskoye, Uskuch, Uimen, and Karasuk.

The sacred tree of Tubalars is the cedar, a symbol of the power, beauty and courage of taiga. The Holiday of Cedar is a celebration of this tree.

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  • Altay language (Tuba dialect is often considered a dialect of the Altay language, although whether these dialects are dialects of the "standard" Altay language or separate languages is controversial)

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