Thunderstruck (2004 film)

Directed byDarren Ashton
Produced byAl Clark
Andrena Finlay
Barbara Gibbs
Jodi Matterson
Bjorg Veland
Written byDarren Ashton
Shaun Angus Hall
StarringDamon Gameau
Stephen Curry
Ryan Johnson
Callan Mulvey
Sam Worthington
Release date
8 September 2004 (2004-09-08)
Running time
98 minutes

Thunderstruck is a 2004 Australian film directed by Darren Ashton and starring Stephen Curry, Damon Gameau, Ryan Johnson, Callan Mulvey, and Sam Worthington. The title was taken from the AC/DC song of the same name. Its plot concerns five AC/DC fans who make a promise that if one of them died, the other four would have him buried next to grave of their idol, Bon Scott. When one of them dies, the remaining four embark on a road trip to fulfill their promise.


Ben, Sonny, Lloyd, Sam and Ronnie are friends from Sydney who are all big fans of AC/DC. After a near death experience, the five make a pact that if one among them died the other four would be bury him next to the grave of their idol, the late AC/DC frontman, Bon Scott. Twelve years pass and the five friends have each gone their own ways. When Ronnie dies from being struck by a lightning bolt while playing golf, the remaining four unite and decide to fulfill the promise they made together long ago. They retrieve Ronnie's cremated remains and embark on a road trip to Fremantle (where Bon Scott's ashes were scattered) to scatter his ashes over Fremantle Cemetery.



On review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes the film has a score of 57% based on reviews from 7 critics, with an average 5.3/10 rating.[1]

Box office[edit]

Thunderstruck grossed $908,294 at the box office in Australia.[2]

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