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Working on the Template Situation Now[edit]

I'm working on it right now. I'm creating new templates for the singles (like The Beatles) and for the tours. I might also create a new article for Aerosmith tours, a la KISS.

However, the related content definitely needs to stay as they are main articles and appear on almost every other musician template.

Thanks for your patience.Abog 20:07, 6 February 2007 (UTC)

Record producers, songwriters, etc.[edit]

Please do not add record producers, songwriters, etc., to this navbox. These people work with multiple artists, so to include here puts WP:UNDUE weight on their association with this band over another. Only people who are defined by their association with Aerosmith belong here. --woodensuperman (talk) 08:00, 7 August 2017 (UTC)

All of the personnel I have restored here are largely defined by their work with Aerosmith. Jack Douglas is to Aerosmith what George Martin was to The Beatles. Bruce Faurbairn, John Kalodner, Desmond Child, and Jim Vallance are to Geffen-era Aerosmith what Bernie Taupin was to Elton John or what Max Martin is to Britney Spears. Desmond Child is also closely associated with Kiss, Bon Jovi, Alice Cooper, and Cher and he should be in their navboxes as well. Same can be said of Jim Vallance and Bryan Adams. And Mark Hudson & Marti Frederiksen were key people in latter day Aerosmith (they even called the two of them plus Steven Tyler & Joe Perry the Boneyard Boys as the chief creative/production team for Aerosmith in the late 90s/2000s. Marty Callner directed nearly every one of Aerosmith's videos in the Geffen era, which was a key part of Aerosmith's commercial comeback and success and he is not more closely aligned with any other artist in that way. Richie Supa and Russ Irwin were key parts of the band at one point or another but not ever "official" members. That being said, I understand what you're trying to do and agree that people like Kevin Shirley, Brendan O'Brien, etc. are probably too loosely associated and certain collaborators like Diane Warren, Holly Knight, Tony Bongiovi, Blades-Shaw, etc. had too loose of a connection that they were never included. All of the rest that I have restored do have a very close alignment and well-documented association with Aerosmith. Abog (talk) 03:06, 10 August 2017 (UTC)
This all fails WP:UNDUE, sorry. You're coming at this from the POV of an Aerosmith fan, not a Wikipedian. --woodensuperman 07:59, 10 August 2017 (UTC)
Also note that for this reason, it is not a matter for the Aerosmith project, but the relative guidelines. --woodensuperman 08:01, 10 August 2017 (UTC)
Also note how similar content has been deleted by consensus in the past: Wikipedia:Templates for discussion/Log/2017 May 20#Template:People associated with Pink Floyd. --woodensuperman 08:08, 10 August 2017 (UTC)
Thanks for assuming bad faith and thinking I'm unable to edit objectively. I met you halfway by acknowledging that several people aren't as relevant and agreeing to their removal and you can't even compromise and acknowledge that someone like Jack Douglas, who is known as the honorary sixth member of Aerosmith doesn't belong in this template. You have allowed your ignorance and your deletionism to completely blind you and failed to acknowledge my points. This seems to be the general trend on Wikipedia. Meanwhile, the Red Hot Chili Peppers have 100 personnel in their template and Elton John gets to keep Bernie Taupin. Keep it up, deletionists. Wikipedia is a joke now. After 11 years of contributing my writing, research, and organizational skills and trying to improve Wikipedia, I am done. You used to be able to compromise and reach consesus on here. Apparently not anymore. It's the deletionosts' way or the highway. Have fun destroying knowledge and making Wikipedia less useful. Abog (talk) 02:03, 11 August 2017 (UTC)

Films and soundtracks[edit]

Please do not add filmographies here, per WP:FILMNAV. Only soundtracks that an artist is 100% responsible for would belong, not compilation albums on which they appear. --woodensuperman (talk) 08:00, 7 August 2017 (UTC)

Again, I have restored the articles that have a close alignment/association with Aerosmith. Nearly every other artist who headlined the Super Bowl has their appearance in their infobox, so if we're gonna make a decision on that, let's be sure to apply it fairly and equally. Aerosmith was the main contributor to the Armageddon soundtrack, with 5 of 14 tracks coming from the band, two of which were new singles (one of which went to #1 and likely drove the majority of the album's sales. The Bodyguard wasn't all Whitney Houston either yet it was mostly her that drove that album in the same fashion. Sgt. Pepper is a little more debatable, but the band and their hit remake of "Come Together" were a key part, along with Peter Frampton and The Bee Gees. Aerosmith and John Kalodner were a key part of Flaming Moe's and it was notable as the first appearance by a band in The Simpsons. Similarly, Aerosmith were listed as stars in Wayne's Workd 2, produced two live songs for the soundtrack, and were a key part of the sketch and the franchise...it's no coincidence that E! rated the band's appearance on Wayne's World as the #1 moment on Saturday Night Live of all time. Alicia Silverstone was known as "the Aerosmith chick" due to her appearances in the band's videos and Liv in "Crazy" and "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" was just as important and Rolling Stone's cover feature in 1994 highlighted the connection between her and Aerosmith. Abog (talk) 03:22, 10 August 2017 (UTC)
No, these are not close enough links. See the relative guidelines WP:FILMNAV and WP:PERFNAV. ----woodensuperman 07:58, 10 August 2017 (UTC)