Template:Duplication span

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The {{Duplication span}} tag will categorise tagged articles into Category:All articles with minor POV problems. This template is a self-reference and thus is part of the Wikipedia project rather than the encyclopedic content.

When to use[edit]

Use this tag only if the material is repeated twice in the body of the article.


The template should be placed outside the reference (<ref> ... </ref>), within the article's text:

{{duplication span|text=place text that is repetitive here|date=June 2020}}

Template data[edit]

No description.

Template parameters

Text of duplicate claim1 text

The text of the duplicated claim

Unbalanced wikitextrequired
Month and yeardate

no description

Auto value
{} {}

no description

Talktalk talkpage talk page

no description


See also[edit]

  • {{Failed verification span}} (inline citation) use when an inline citation to a source is given, the sources has been checked and the source does not completely support what is contained in the article.