Tech LadyMafia

A Tech LadyMafia organized "edit-a-thon" in 2015.

Tech LadyMafia is a membership-based group of women in technology founded in 2011 by Aminatou Sow and Erie Meyer.[1][2] The group was founded in part to increase visibility of women working in technology in response to popular articles about the lack of gender diversity.[3][4]

The group aims to encourage women to share and express ideas using current technologies.[5][6][7] Its mailing lists have over 2,000 members;[3] they are used for asking advice, posting and finding jobs, and a "brag" list for sharing successes.[1] The group also organizes in-person events, including networking meetups and technical trainings.[1]

Sow moderates discussions on gender using the group as her platform.[8]


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