Tai Dón language

Tai Dón
White Tai
Native toLaos, Vietnam, China (Mengla Township of Jinping)
EthnicityWhite Tai
Native speakers
(500,000 cited 1995–2002)[1]
Tai Viet
Language codes
ISO 639-3twh

Tai Dón, also known as Tai Khao or White Tai, is a Tai language of northern Vietnam, Laos and China.

Geographical distribution[edit]

In China, White Tai (Tai Khaw 傣皓) people are located in the following townships of Yunnan province, with about 40,000 people (Gao 1999).[3]

  • Jinping County 金平县: Mengla Township 勐拉乡 and Zhemi Township 者米乡 (along the banks of the Zhemi River 者米河 and Tengtiao River 藤条)
  • Malipo County 麻栗坡县: Nanwenhe Township 南温河乡
  • Maguan County 马关县: Dulong Town 都龙镇
  • Jiangcheng County 江城县: Qushui Township 曲水乡 (along the banks of the Tuka River 土卡河)


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