Shōwa Modan

Shōwa Modern (昭和モダン), or "Shōwa's modernness," is the culture of the compromise between Japanese and Western styles that started at the beginning of the Shōwa period. Shōwa began after the Great Kantō earthquake in Taishō period, and its social condition was the times when the May 15 Incident and February 26 Incident happened and the war seems to be begin.

The term was used for the song title of Masayoshi Yamazaki in the 2007 tribute album of Ryoichi Hattori. Hattori was a famous composer during the period.

In those days, the lifestyle was changing rapidly. Japanese women began to wear Western clothes and hats in contrast with the traditional kimono and previous Japanese hairstyles. Female bus conductors were called basu gāru, and wore the latest trends in (Japanese) Western fashion, thus earning the title moga, (from modern girl).

Houses were built along railway lines. People living there did some shopping at the department store of the terminal, and called in at the restaurant or the cafe in the return from it in the holiday.