A "journey of self-discovery" refers to a travel, pilgrimage,[1] or series of events whereby a person attempts to determine how they feel, personally, about spiritual issues[2] or priorities,[3][4] rather than following the opinions of family, friends, neighborhood[5] or peer pressure. The topic of self-discovery has been associated with Zen.[6] A related term is "finding oneself".

A journey of self-discovery is a popular theme in literature. It is sometimes used to drive the plot of a novel, play or film.[3][7]


A journey of self-discovery is a popular theme in fiction.[3][7] Some films use similar phrases, such as in the 2008 film Petals: Journey Into Self Discovery.[8][better source needed] The 2010 film Eat Pray Love and 2012 film Life of Pi is also associated with the idea of a journey of self-discovery.[citation needed]



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