Saki Naka

Saki Naka is a neighbourhood in Andheri east, Mumbai. Sakinaka is notorious for its traffic.


The city's first elevated metro line, Mumbai Metro's line one passes through this neighbourhood and has a station to the east of Sakinaka junction.[1] The metro services has reduced the traffic congestion on the streets below. Civic infrastructure struggles to keep up with Sakinaka's commercial boom. Vehicular traffic is high throughout the day.[2] Pedestrian sidewalks are non-existent on some roads, and those that exist are heavily encroached by hawkers. Almost a million people have been living and earning their daily bread in Saki Naka since the area was populated in the 1970s. AC Narayan Nadar was one of the earliest developers of low cost housing in the previously underdeveloped forest area of Saki Naka. Mohili Village was the earliest site of development in Saki Naka and is currently populated by over a million people. Sakinaka is also considered for its numerous manufacturing companies including many small and large scale businesses. It's considered as a manufacturing hub for plastic mould manufacturing. Industrial plastic parts are mostly manufactured in Sakinaka. Sakinaka is also a hub for diamond cutting and polishing,

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