Saints Maximus and Domatius

Saints Maximos and Domadious
Born4 AD[1]
Wadi El Natrun, Egypt
Venerated inCoptic Orthodox church
FeastTobi 14, 17[2]

Saints Maximos and Domadious are saints in Coptic Orthodox Church.[3][4]

Their life[edit]

The saints were the sons of a Roman governor named Valentinian, Their father was a Christian and raised them on Christian life.[5] The saints decided to become monks at a young age and they asked their father to send them to Nicaea so they could pray where the First Council of Nicaea had taken place. Their father rejoiced and sent a group of soldiers with them. When they arrived at the place, they asked the soldiers to return to their parents and tell them that they had decided to stay there.[6][7] They recognized a monk named Hanna who asked them to go to Syria to learn the origins of monastic life by a monk named Aghabus ,when the monk Aghabus felt close to the date of his death, he told them that he saw a vision and a man named Macarius of Egypt told him that Maximos and Domadious should go to him in Egypt after his death.[8] At that time, the Patriarch of Constantinople died. The king sent the name of Theodosius. This king was the chief of their father's soldiers and took the throne after his death. King Theodosius asked to see the monk Maximos to told him he wants to make him the patriarch of Constantinople, The news leaked to the saints, They fled together and hid in one of the shepherds. they wear civilian clothes and a prayer to Christ to guide them to come to Saint Macarius.[1] They traveled about nine days near the seashore, when they became more like God, and found themselves in Šihēt (the valley of Natrun now), He met them and helped them build modest housing for them and a simple work to gain from it. The saints did not deal with anyone or go out of their inhabitants except to go to Saint Macarius to take holy sacraments and keep it for three years, Saint Macarius marveled at their silence and that during that time they did not talk to him, so he went to their place of residence and stayed there. And during the night he awoke and saw the saints and they prayed and surrounded by a light from heaven and an angel guarding them with a sword of fire in his hand. Saint Macarius shouted loudly, "Pray for me"[1][4][9][10]

Their departure[edit]

St. Maximus began to get sick with a violent fever. When he was sick, he asked his younger brother to go to St. Macarius. And when he came to him, he found him overheated and say "Lord, send me your light to shine in front of me in this way that I do not know." My God and my Creator saved me from the forces of darkness gathered in the air, and repaired my steps in this way to tell you straightly. And be my grace and strength, my God and my lord, because you are the Lord of light and the Savior of the world", And light surrounds the place and a group of prophets, apostles, saints, John the Baptist and the king Constantine were all standing around the saint until he delivered his pure spirit. St. Macarius cried and said, "Blessed are you Maximos" this was on the 14th of the month of Tobi.[1] St. Dumadios cried bitterly, and asked St. Macarius to ask him to Christ to bring him to his brother. Three days later, he suffered from a severe fever, and St. Macarius was told about it and went to visit him. While he was on the way, he stood for a long time looking toward the cave, then turned to the east, those people who were with him thought that he was praying but he was contemplating the Church of the Saints who were advancing the spirit of St. Domadius. Saint Macarius looked up at the sky, crying and knocking his chest, saying, "Woe to me because I am no longer a monk." Then he said to them, "St. Domadius has departed"this was on the 17th of the month of Tobi.[2] St. Macarius built a church in their place of residence, the first church built in the wilderness. St. Maximos and Domadious were the first monks died in Šihēt.[1][4]