Roman Catholic Diocese of Civita Castellana

Diocese of Civita Castellana

Dioecesis Civitatis Castellanae
Duomo cattedrale di Civita Castellana.jpg
Country Italy
Ecclesiastical provinceImmediately subject to the Holy See
Area1,552 km2 (599 sq mi)
- Total
- Catholics
(as of 2013)
248,900 (96.1%)
DenominationCatholic Church
RiteRoman Rite
CathedralBasilica Cattedrale di S. Maria Maggiore (Civita Castellana)
Co-cathedralBasilica Concattedrale di S. Maria Assunta (Orte)
Concattedrale di S. Maria Assunta (Gallese)
Concattedrale di S. Maria Assunta e S. Anastasi (Nepi)
Concattedrale di S. Maria Assunta in Cielo (Sutri)
Secular priests97 (diocesan)
47 (religious Orders)
Current leadership
BishopRomano Rossi
Bishops emeritusDivo Zadi

The Diocese of Civita Castellana (Latin: Dioecesis Civitatis Castellanae) is a Roman Catholic ecclesiastical territory in Latium, central Italy. It has existed in the current form since 1986, when the Diocese of Nepi e Sutri was united into the Diocese of Civita Castellana, Orte e Gallese, dating from 1805 (the name change was made in 1991). It is immediately subject to the Holy See.[1][2]


The first known bishop of Civita Castellana is Crescentius. He discovered, in 998, the relics of Martianus and Johannes. In 1252 the diocese of Gallese was incorporated with that of Civita Castellana. Reestablished in 1562, Gallese was again suppressed in 1573.

In 1437 the diocese was united with the diocese of Orte. Orte (Orta, the ancient Horta) is some distance north of Rome.


Diocese of Civita Castellana[edit]

Erected: 990
Latin Name: Civitatis Castellanae

Diocese of Civita Castellana e Orte[edit]

United: 5 October 1437 with the Diocese of Orte
Latin Name: Civitatis Castellanae et Hortanus

Diocese of Civita Castellana, Orte e Gallese[edit]

United: 20 December 1805 with the Diocese of Gallese
Latin Name: Civitatis Castellanae, Hortanus et Gallesinus
Immediately Subject to the Holy See

  • Fortunato Maria Ercolani, C.P. (19 Apr 1822 – 27 Dec 1847 Died)
  • Amadio Zangari (14 Apr 1848 – 5 Sep 1851 Appointed, Bishop of Macerata e Tolentino)
  • Mattei Augusto Mengacci (5 Sep 1851 – 20 Nov 1872 Died)
  • Domenico Mignanti (23 Dec 1872 – 27 Apr 1889 Died)
  • Giovanni Battista Carnevalini (24 May 1889 – 9 Jun 1895 Died)
  • Giacomo (Alexander) Ghezzi, O.F.M. (29 Nov 1895 – 26 Jan 1920 Died)
  • Goffredo Zaccherini (8 Mar 1920 – 15 Jun 1928 Appointed, Bishop of Jesi)
  • Santino Margaria (9 Oct 1930 – 20 Dec 1947 Died)
  • Roberto Massimiliani (21 Jun 1948 – 19 Jun 1975 Died)
  • Marcello Rosina (10 Apr 1976 – 11 Feb 1986, Bishop of Civita Castellana (, Orte, Gallese, Nepi e Sutri))

Diocese of Civita Castellana (Orte, Gallese, Nepi e Sutri)[edit]

United: 11 February 1986 with the Diocese of Nepi e Sutri
Latin Name: Civitatis Castellanae (Hortanus, Gallesinus, Nepesinus, et Sutrinus)
Metropolitan: Diocese of Rome

  • Divo Zadi (10 Mar 1989 – 10 Dec 2007 Retired)

Diocese of Civita Castellana[edit]

Name Changed: 16 February 1991

  • Romano Rossi (10 Dec 2007 – )


Co-cathedral in Nepi (left) Co-cathedral in Sutri (right)

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