Revolution of the Lances

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Revolutionary officers and soldiers under Timoteo Aparicio, 1871.

The Revolution of the Lances (Revolución de las Lanzas) occurred in Uruguay from September 12, 1870 to April 6, 1872.

Parties to the conflict[edit]

Led by Timoteo Aparicio, leader of the National Party of Uruguay (the Blancos) and a former army officer, it was named after the tacuara, an improvised weapon used by South American militias, consisting of a knife tied to a stalk of cane similar to bambu, resulting in a rudimentary lance.


The series of events known as the Revolution of the Lances ended with a power-sharing agreement between the Blanco and Colorado Parties.

This agreement in one form or another was to last until the early 20th century, when the Blanco forces were defeated at the Battle of Masoller in 1904.


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