Regionalliga (ice hockey)

SportIce hockey
No. of teams48
Country Germany
Most recent
EHC Wolfsburg (North)
Herner EV (West)
ESC Dresden 1b (East)
EHC Eisbären Heilbronn (Southwest)
EHC Bayreuth (Bayern)

The Regionalliga is the fourth level of ice hockey in Germany. It was founded in 1961 as the Gruppenliga, and was renamed the Regionalliga for the 1965-66 season. From 1961-1973, it operated as the third level of German ice hockey, before being dropped to the fourth level for the 1974-75 season. For 2013-14, there were five regions of the league, the Regionalliga West, Regionalliga Nord, Regionalliga Ost, Regionalliga Südwest, and the Bayernliga.

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