Raef is a given name.

It may be from Arabic: رائف‎, a given name and an indirect Quranic name for boys that means “kind” or “compassionate”. It is pronounced with two syllables Arabic pronunciation: [raːʔfaːʔ] and can be transliterated: Raef, Ra'ef, Raif, Rayif, Raaif or Raefe.

It may a variant spelling of Rafe (/rf/ RAYF), an English name for a male, of Old Norse origin (meaning "counsel of the wolf" or "wise wolf"), derived from Raðulfr (rað "counsel" + ulfr "wolf") through Old English Rædwulf.

  • Raef (singer) (born 1982), Egyptian-American singer, songwriter
  • Raef al-Maarri, officer in the Syrian Army
  • Raef LaFrentz (born 1979), American professional basketball power forward and center
  • Raef Bjayou (born 1980), British entrepreneur and television presenter
  • Raif Badawi (born 1982), Saudi Arabian blogger and activist, sometimes transliterated "Raef Badawi"
  • Raef al Hasan Rafa (born 1986), Bangladeshi musician

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