Pitch and Putt World Cup

The Pitch and Putt World Cup is the Teams championship promoted by the Federation of International Pitch and Putt Associations (FIPPA) played every four years.

World championships[edit]

Year Host Champion Second place Third place
I Details 2004 Chia (Italy) Catalonia Catalonia Netherlands Netherlands France France
II Details 2006 Teià (Catalonia) Catalonia Catalonia Andorra Andorra Republic of Ireland Ireland
III Details 2008 Papendal (Netherlands) Republic of Ireland Ireland Netherlands Netherlands Catalonia Catalonia
IV Details 2012 Royal Meath (Ireland) Republic of Ireland Ireland Australia Australia Netherlands Netherlands
V Details 2016 El Torrent (Andorra) Republic of Ireland Ireland Catalonia Catalonia Galicia (Spain) Galicia

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