Para Lake

Para Lake
Para Lake is located in India
Para Lake
Para Lake
LocationPara, Mehsana, Gujarat
Coordinates23°36′17″N 72°23′50″E / 23.6046°N 72.3972°E / 23.6046; 72.3972Coordinates: 23°36′17″N 72°23′50″E / 23.6046°N 72.3972°E / 23.6046; 72.3972
Lake typeArtificial lake
Primary inflowsStorm water
Basin countriesIndia
Surface area950 m2 (10,200 sq ft)

Para Lake, officially Swami Vivekanad Lake, is located in Mehsana city in Gujarat state of India. Built during Gaekwad rule, it was redeveloped and opened in 2019.


The lake was built during Gaekwad rule.[1] It is spread over area of 950 square metres (10,200 sq ft).[2] In 2007, the Mehsana Municipality appointed a contractor for beautification and redevelopment of the lake and the project was started by Anil Patel, then Member of Gujarat Legislative Assembly. After initial spending of 80 lakh (US$120,000), the project was delayed due to allegations of scam. The project was delayed for several years and the estimated cost increased from 3 crore (US$430,000) to 7.8 crore (US$1.1 million). The project was restarted in 2016.[2][1][3] The lake was renamed Swami Vivekanand lake[4] and opened to the public on 4 August 2019 by Deputy Chief Minister Nitinbhai Patel.[2]


The children play area, yoga centre, food court, jogging tracks and boating felicities are developed and a toy train is introduced.[5][6]


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