Paisios Ligarides

Paisios Ligarides (Παΐσιος Λιγαρίδης), born Pantaleon Ligarides (Παντολέων Λιγαρίδης; latinized Ligaridus; c.1610 – 1678) was Greek Orthodox scholar and Bishop of the Church of Jerusalem; Orthodox Metropolitan of Gaza.

Born in Chios, he taught literature and theology in the Greek college in Rome established in 1577 by Pope Gregory XIII. He was at first supportive of reconciliation of Orthodox with Catholic theology, but later returned to Greek Orthodoxy and wrote against both Catholicism and Calvinism. Leaving Rome, he went to Constantinople, and later (1646) to Târgoviște in Wallachia where he established (or revived) a Greek school. In 1651 he travelled to Palestine in the company of patriarch Paisius of Jerusalem, taking monastic vows and adopting the monastic name of Paisius. In 1652, he received the titular office of Metropolitan of Gaza from Paisius.

In 1655, he wrote a very long Chrismology [Chrismologion] of Constantinople, the New Rome, the first comprehensive collection of the mass of Greek oracular and prophetic produced in reference to the Fall of Constantinople .[1]

Paisios Ligarides is known as a trader of indulgences, which he sold in Russia[2].

He was appointed as head of the Great Moscow Synod of 1666 by the Tsar. After 1666, he wrote an account of the Synod's condemnation of Patriarch Nikon of Moscow in the form of a polemical essay in support of the absolute authority of the Russian Tsar in theological matters.[3]


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