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PERF 558 is the oldest surviving Arabic papyrus, found in Heracleopolis in Egypt, and is also the oldest dated Arabic text using the Islamic era. It is a bilingual Arabic-Greek fragment, consisting of a tax receipt, or as it puts it "Document concerning the delivery of sheep to the Magarites and other people who arrived, as a down-payment of the taxes of the first indiction."

Features of interest include:

After excavation, the papyrus was put in the Erzherzog Rainer Papyrus Collection in Vienna.

Arabic text[edit]

Dots and hamzas added; otherwise, spelling uncorrected.

  1. بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم هذا ما اخذ عبد اله
  2. ابن جبر واصحبه من الجزر من اهنس
  3. من خليفة تدراق ابن ابو قير الاصغر ومن خليفة اصطفر ابن ابو قير الاكبر خمسين شاة
  4. من الجزر وخمس عشرة شاة اخرى اجزرها اصحاب سفنه وكتئبه وثقلاءه في
  5. شهر جمدى الاولى من سنة اثنين وعشرين وكتبه ابن حديدو
  1. In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful. This is what ʿAbdilah,
  2. Son of Jabir, and his companions-in-arms, have taken as of slaughter sheep at Heracleopolis (Ihnas)
  3. from a representative of Theodorakios (Tidraq), second son of Apa Kyros (Abu Qir), and from a substitute of Christophoros (Istufur), eldest son of Apa Kyros (Abu Qir), fifty sheep
  4. as of slaughter and fifteen other sheep. He gave them for slaughter for the crew of his vessels, as well as his cavalry and his breastplated infantry in
  5. the month of Jumada I in the year twenty-two. Written by Ibn Hadidu.

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