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P22 type foundry is a digital type foundry from Buffalo, New York, that develops and markets typefaces for the Macintosh and Windows platforms. The name P22 has no specific significance and was used prior to the type foundry as a label for various art projects including an ambitious mail art correspondence. Founders Richard Kegler and Carima El-Behairy have also initiated the Western New York Book Arts Collaborative which focuses on hand binding and fine press work but covers all aspects of book art.

P22 type foundry specializes in historical letterforms inspired by art, history, and science that have never been available previously in digital format. P22 works with museums and foundations to ensure the development of accurate historical typefaces.

While technically an independent foundry with only a few partners and freelancers, P22 has licenses for several new type designs from International House of Fonts. P22 acquired the Sherwood Type Collection, Lanston Type Co. and the Rimmer Type Foundry. P22 also has published the Indie Fonts book series through its P-Type Publications division.

P22 associate James Grieshaber went on to form Typeco.

The foundry has an exclusive electronic license for the Johnston typeface used by London Underground.

P22 / Atom Smash Records[edit]

P22 / Atom Smash Records is a record label for the type foundry. Some of the fonts are distributed via the CDs.

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