Owl Creek Mounds

Owl Creek Mounds
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Owl Creek Mounds is located in Mississippi
Owl Creek Mounds
Shown within Mississippi
LocationTombigbee National ForestUnited States
RegionTombigbee National Forest
Coordinates34°03′24″N 88°55′16″W / 34.05667°N 88.92111°W / 34.05667; -88.92111
CulturesMississippian Culture

The Owl Creek Mounds are a Native American Ceremonial Complex located in Mississippi's Tombigbee National Forest. The mounds are believed to have been built between 800 and 900 years ago during the Mississippian era.[1] Archaeological excavations from 1991-1992 by crews from Mississippi State University led by Janet Rafferty revealed structural remains on three of the mounds at the site.[2]


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