Our Lady of Perpetual Succor College

Our Lady of Perpetual Succor College
Kolehiyo ng Ina ng Laging Saklolo
MottoCommitted to Build People's Lives
TypePrivate, nonsectarian
PresidentCarmen C. Salvador
Academic staff
Approx. 300
UndergraduatesApprox. 5,000
Location, ,
CampusMarikina Campus: 3.5 hectares
ColorsOlopscolor.JPG Blue and Yellow
NicknameOLOPS College

Our Lady of Perpetual Succor College (OLOPS College or simply OLOPSC) is a private, non-sectarian, educational institution located in Concepcion, Marikina, Philippines, offering preschool, basic and higher education. It was founded by Dionisio Salvador Sr. in 1978. There are approximately 5000 students enrolled for the school year.



OLOPSC was founded on February 18, 1978 by Dionisio Alonzo Salvador, Sr., a graduate student from Far Eastern University with a course in Architecture. It started as a day-care center under a single roof in a pelota court at Bayan-Bayanan Avenue in Concepcion, Marikina with at least 50 pupils. In 1978, the Our Lady of Perpetual Succor School was established.[1]
Old OLOPSC High School Bldg.
The increasing number of enrollees in the succeeding years required the transfer of the school site to rented lots along Bayan-Bayanan Avenue where additional school buildings were constructed.[1]


In 1985, the school was operating under full government recognition for the all three of these courses: the Preschool. Grade School and High School.
In 1986, OLOPSS moved to its present location at Gen. Ordoñez Street, in Concepcion, Marikina with a 3.5-hectare lot. It is on this site where it stands today as a comfortable home to its students and its employees.[1]
In 1995, OLOPSS changed its name to Our Lady of Perpetual Succor College (OLOPSC) when the college department was opened. This has now attained government recognition and on its ways to accreditation.
In the years 1996 and 1997, the present school's chapel was now finished.[1]
In the summer of 1999, the OLOPSCians saw the rising of the new two-storey building for the grades 1 and 2.[1]


The succeeding school years saw the switching of classrooms to air-conditioningunits as its serves as one of the Silver Jubilee gifts to the school community. Also included were the construction of the new two-story building for the preschool, the freezing of tuition fees for a year, the reformulation of the school's vision and mission, the revision of the student handbook in all departments, and a number of policies to enhance employee benefits.[1]

Recent history[edit]

On August 11, 2005, the whole OLOPSCian community learned of the death of Dionisio A. Salvador, the founder of the school and its president for 28 years. His death was due to a multiple organ failure that was triggered by his heart condition. The OLOPSC community grieved his death and members of the OLOPSCian community joined the Salvador family in giving their goodbyes to him. His remains of Dionisio A. Salvador are inside the school's chapel.
On September 17, 2008, as a gift for her 65th birthday, Carmen C. Salvador, the former school's executive vice president for 28 years, was today installed as the new president of OLOPS College succeeding her husband.[1]
On February 14, 2008, the school celebrated its 30th or Pearl Anniversary. The anniversary was marked with activities such as a street dancing competition, variety shows, family day, and lots of exciting activities. The event ended with a fireworks display on night.

Awards, government recognitions and citations[edit]

OLOPSC has reaped honors in academic, art and literary–musical competitions and has graduated numbers of students, many of them gaining admission in premiere colleges and universities where they graduated with honors and citations, with many of them topping board exams in their fields.[1]


OLOPSC Quadrangle on Foundation Day

The OLOPS College campus is in Marikina, the city of shoes. Accessible from the campus are leisure and recreational areas such as the DC Arcadia (owned by OLOPSC), nearby computer stands, and near to known stores such as 7-11, Jollibee, and Greenwich.

The buildings of OLOPS College are now known by letters corresponding to a certain Saint. Currently, there are new projects taking off. Below are some of the facilities used by the OLOPSC Community.[2]

  • Preschool building
  • Grade School building
  • High School building
  • College building'
  • Administration building
  • Executive Building
  • Front and Back Parking area
  • HS, GS, and faculty canteens
  • School Chapel
  • School Quadrangle and Basketball Court
  • OLOPSC HRM Center
  • Covered Basketball Court (Gymnasium)
  • Basketball Varsity's Dug-out
  • School Auditorium
  • DS Hall (Dionisio A. Salvador Hall) (recently known as the Activity Center)
  • Ballet and Music Room

Newly Acquired Building/s[edit]

  • Senior High School Building

Degree programs offered[edit]

  • Computer Science
  • Associate in Computer Technology
  • Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education
  • Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education
  • Bachelor of Arts, major in English
  • Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management


  • During the A(H1N1) Pandemic, OLOPSC did introduced thermal scanning in all entrances of the campus.
  • For the updates on school activities, OLOPSC in partnership with Globe, created CAMPUS CONNECT. It is a text service that sends notifications to students regarding campus events.[3]

Clubs and organizations[edit]

As of 2009, OLOPS College had attained nearly 50 clubs. Famous clubs known in and out were the Boy Scouts of the Philippines (BSP), Girl Scouts of the Philippines (GSP), the Dance club, Glee Club, Youth for Mary and Christ and Marian clubs, the YJC or the Young Journalists Circle to name a few.

The Grade School Pupils Organization or the GSPO is the main club of all clubs in the grade school level. They manage every club's events and affair in their level.

The High School Students Organization or the HSSO is just like the GSPO, the main club of all clubs in the high school level. They govern the :club's affairs and events. Every club has an emergency fund allocated and reserved by this organization.

OLOPS College Student Council or the OCSC is the mother of all organizations in the college level. They are the ones who create activities for that level. They provide funds for clubs in their affairs. Every club must seek permission from this organization if an activity needs their help. This organization introduced the use of automation in their organizational elections, first in the city of Marikina.


Society of OLOPSC High School Alumni (SOHA)[edit]

The Society of OLOPSC High School Alumni is the official alumni organization of the OLOPSC High School Department. Alumni who graduated from the said department automatically becomes a member of the Alumni Society. Approximately 16,000 alumni members are currently with the organization.
There are proposals for the society to merge with other alumni organizations from the other departments of the institution. These proposals were being acted upon as of this moment.
Current League of Officers of the Society for Societal Year 2012-2017 are as follows:
President: Edward B. Exequiel
Vice-President: Rhyme R. Enriquez
Secretary: Ryan Patrick P. Genove
Treasurer: Nathassia Lilli Rence H. Sabado
Auditor: Vincent Benedict H. Pasquin
Public Relations Officer: Jose Ricardo D.P. Arlos
Mrs. Cynthia Ann N. Venezuela
Mr. Dominic Gonzales

Sports and leisures[edit]

OLOPSC Phoenix[edit]

Recently, OLOPS College introduced a name for its varsity teams: "OLOPSC Phoenix." The varsity team has already proven much as they bag titles in sports activities. The latest among them is the grade school volleyball team being champions at the Milo Little Olympics held at Cagayan de Oro City in Mindanao,[4] and the Basketball Varsity Team reaching the finals of the MARIPRISAA competition.

OLOPSC Pep Squad[edit]

Another recent addition to the school's numerous organizations, the OLOPSC Pep Squad has been formed to represent the cheering crowd of so called OLOPSCians, during the school's fights inside and outside its premises. And just recently at the 2011 Milo Little Olympics, the team won 2nd Runner Up at one of its Cheerdance Competitions.

Past Events[edit]

Just like the rest of Metro Manila and other nearby provinces, OLOPS College suffered greatly due to Typhoon "Ondoy" (Ketsana), September 26, 2009. The whole campus was flooded up to knee-high due to heavy rains. Several students were stranded, and the administration decided to let them stay inside the school until the flood subsided. Many students stayed inside the school for numerous hours—even until the next day, when parents were already capable to pick up their children.[5]


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