Open Source College

Philippine Open Source College is the first institute in Taguig City, Philippines, that teaches open-source technology. The main purpose of this is to make the people aware of the current wide spreading technology, that is free to use and develop for the public. One of the objectives of this institute is to open doors to all information and communication technology students, graduates, and professionals, to make them realized that they have their freedom to use free and open-source software, and what can FOSS do.

The main purpose of this institute is to help bright students who can not afford their college education due to poverty. And to spread / develop free and open software for the good of all mankind.

Philippine Open Source College, "Learning without Barriers, Technology without Borders" uses and supports all virus-free Linux operating systems such as Bayanihan Linux (Philippines' Linux Operating System distribution[1]), Ubuntu Linux, OpenSuse, PCLinuxOS, Mandriva, Gentoo, BSD, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, DSL, Puppy Linux, etc.