Office of the Prime Minister (Norway)

Office of the Prime Minister
Statsministerens kontor
Agency overview
JurisdictionGovernment of Norway
Akershus Fortress (temporary)
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The Norwegian Office of the Prime Minister (Norwegian: Statsministerens kontor) is a political and bureaucratic office that assists the Cabinet of Norway and the Prime Minister of Norway in the leadership of the Cabinet and Government. It has since 2013 been led by Prime Minister Erna Solberg (Conservative Party). Minister and Chief of Staff is Julie Brodtkorb. The office has about 60 employees.


Since the establishment of the first Norwegian government, in 1814, the Prime Minister has had secretaries to help him with tasks, though these were not collectively assigned to his office until 1945. The office was given the current title in 1950, but not formally created until 1956. In 1969 the central secretariat for the entire cabinet also became part of the Office of the Prime Minister.[1]


State Secretaries:

Political advisors:


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