No Guns Life

No Guns Life
No Guns Life volume 1 cover.jpg
Cover of No Guns Life volume 1 by Shueisha
(Nō Ganzu Raifu)
GenreAction, Sci-Fi
Written byTasuku Karasuma
Published byShueisha
English publisher
MagazineUltra Jump
Original runAugust 2014 – present
Anime television series
Directed byNaoyuki Itō
Written byYukie Sugawara
Music byKenji Kawai
Licensed byFunimation
Original networkTBS, AT-X, SUN, KBS, BS11
Original run October 10, 2019 – present
Episodes24 (List of episodes)
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No Guns Life (ノー・ガンズ・ライフ, Nō Ganzu Raifu) is a Japanese manga series by Tasuku Karasuma and has been published in Shueisha's seinen manga magazine Ultra Jump since August 2014. An anime television series adaptation by Madhouse premiered on October 10, 2019.


In the near future, many humans have become cyborgs called "Extended". However, with a great war having recently ended, many Extended who are former soldiers begin to resort to crime to survive. Juzo Inui is a "Resolver", an Extended mercenary who specializes in solving problems caused by other Extended. However, Juzo's life is turned upside down when a renegade Extended breaks into office, pleading for him to protect a young boy named Tetsurō Arahabaki.


Juzo Inui (乾十三, Inui Juzo)
Voiced by: Junichi Suwabe (Japanese); Chris Ryan (English)[1][2]
An amnesiac private detective who works as a "Resolver," taking on cases relating to Extended and priding himself on always seeing a case to completion. His distinguishing feature is that his head is a giant functioning revolver, the trademark trait of the Gun Slave Unit model of Over-Extended used in the war. However, he is unable to fire it himself and requires someone else to do so, only granting the privilege to people he trusts out of a desire to not become a "tool." His head gun is immensely powerful, firing a large beam that can easily destroy even the strongest Extended. His personal motto is "wipe your own ass," a belief that one should deal with their own problems without relying on others. He expresses distaste for children and humidity, out of fear his head will rust, and has no memory of his life before becoming an Extended. Juzo is a habitual chain smoker, preferring the Tanegashima brand for their taste. Juzo's body, being an older Over-Extended model from the war, is equipped with a number of hidden features and is far stronger than it appears. He is also armed with a revolver-like device embedded in his right hand that allows him to throw a powerful punch he names "Funke Faust" (German for "Spark Fist").
Mary Steinberg (メアリー・シュタインベルグ)
Voiced by: Manami Numakura (Japanese); Kylie Stewart (English)[1][2]
An associate of Juzo's, a young woman who performs back-alley maintenance on Extended in the mafia-controlled Kyusei Pit immigrant district, one of the few places in the city not under Berühren Corp control.
Tetsurō Arahabaki (荒吐鉄朗, Arahabaki Tetsurō)
Voiced by: Daiki Yamashita (Japanese); Caleb Yen (English)[1][2]
The son of Berühren Corp CEO Soichiro Arahabaki. He has been experimented on and possesses a device known as "Harmony" implanted in his throat, which allows him to control Extended bodies from a distance. The tendons in his arms and legs as well as his vocal cords have been severed, making him incapable of moving or speaking on his own. Mary later provides him with wearable Extensions that allow him to walk and use his arms again and he uses Harmony with a discarded Extended head to speak.
Olivier Juan de Belmer (オリビエ・ファンデベルメ)
Voiced by: Yōko Hikasa[3]
The director of EMS, a branch of the Reconstruction Agency tasked with enforcing Extended law and regulating Over-Extended. She has granted Juzo some leniency and autonomy despite the Over-Extended laws in exchange for him performing the occasional under-the-table job for her. She wears distinctive blue lipstick.
Cronen von Wolf (クローネン・フォン・ウルフ)
Voiced by: Yūya Uchida[3]
An EMS section chief and staunch believer in EMS' duty towards enforcing Extended regulations. His weapons of choice are thrown needles, which he embeds in pressure points to disable Extensions.
Hugh Cunningham (ヒュー・カニンガム)
Voiced by: Yōji Ueda[3]
A Berühren Corp enforcer tasked with retrieving Tetsurō. He operates under the fanatical belief that people are replaceable cogs in a machine that exists only to serve Berühren Corp.
Christina Matsuzaki (クリスティーナ松崎)
Voiced by: Masashi Ebara[3]
Juzo's overbearing and doting landlord.
Scarlett Gosling (スカーレット・ゴズリング)
Voiced by: Marika Kouno[3]
A neighbor of Juzo and daughter of a mechanic who services Juzo's Extended hardware. She has a notable stutter and seems to have a crush on Juzo.
Mega-armed Tokisada (メガアームド西条時間)
Voiced by: Kenyu Horiuchi[3]
Pepper (コショウ)
Voiced by: Inori Minase[3]
Seven (セブン)
Voiced by: Yūko Sanpei[3]



The manga series has been published in Shueisha's seinen manga magazine Ultra Jump since August 2014. It has since been collected in nine tankōbon volumes. The manga is licensed in North America by Viz Media.


An anime television series adaptation was announced in the April issue of Shueisha's Ultra Jump magazine on March 18, 2019. The series is animated by Madhouse, produced by EGG FIRM and directed by Naoyuki Itō, with Yukie Sugawara handling series composition, and Masanori Shino designing the characters.[4] Kenji Kawai is composing the series' music.[5] It premiered on October 10, 2019 on TBS, AT-X, SUN, KBS, and BS11.[6] Kenichi Asai performed the series' opening theme song "Motor City", while DATS!! performed the series' ending theme song "Game Over".[3] The series will run for 24 episodes.[7]. Funimation has licensed the series for a simuldub. [8][9]

No.Title [10][a]Directed byOriginal air date
1"Renegade Extended"
Transcription: "Bōsō kakuchōsha" (Japanese: 暴走拡張者)
Masaki MatsumuraOctober 10, 2019 (2019-10-10)
Juzo Inui returns to his office to find a renegade Extended hiding within. He is on the run from the Security Bureau who accuses him of kidnapping a boy, Tetsuro Arahabaki, from the Berühren Corporation orphanage. The renegade asks Juzo for help to protect Tetsuro and Juzo reluctantly takes on the job. Juzo takes the boy to a safe place, however he is met by a nun who reveals herself to be Karen, an Extended agent working for Berühren Corp to recover Tetsuro. The renegade appears and tries to help, but both he and Juzo are shot and Karen retrieves the boy. The dying renegade reveals that he is Tetsuro remote controlling an empty Extended body with Harmony, a experimental and illegal Berühren remote control device implanted in his body. Angered by how Berühren abused and experimented on Tetsuro, Juzo attacks the train carrying him back to Berühren HQ.
2"Extended Remote-Control Device"
Transcription: "Kakuchōtai enkaku sōsa sōchi" (Japanese: 拡張体遠隔操作装置)
Nobuaki NakanishiOctober 17, 2019 (2019-10-17)
Juzo destroys the train carrying Karen and the Berühren guards and rescues Tetsuro, but the incident is blamed on the Spitzebergen terrorist group. A news report claims that Tetsuro is the eldest son of Berühren Corp CEO Soichiro Arahabaki, though Juzo finds the story hard to believe. He takes Tetsuro to Mary Steinberg, and underground extension mechanic. Mary agrees to give Tetsuro some basic extensions to repair the damage to his body, but can't do much until he regains consciousness. Juzo is lured into a trap by the Berühren representative Cunningham when he tries to find his favorite brand of cigarettes, Tanegashima. The cigarettes are chemically altered to ease nerve strain and reduce wear in the nervous system of Extendeds. Cunningham admits that Testuro is Soichiro's son and attempts to coerce Juzo into giving up Tetsuro. However, with Mary's help, Juzo is able to defeat the Berühren squad, forcing Cunningham to flee. As Mary helps Juzo back to her shop, she reveals that Tetsuro has regained consciousness.
Transcription: "Ayatsuri ningyō" (Japanese: 操り人形)
Ken ObataOctober 24, 2019 (2019-10-24)
Mary fits arm and leg extensions to Tetsuro which increases his mobility, but he is still too weak to walk. The Harmony inside Tetsuro prevents her from restoring his voice, so he speaks remotely through an extended head piece. Huang from the local Kyusei Group arrives and offers Juzo a job to track down someone who is attacking children, removing their extensions, hanging the parts in public areas and leaving the children comatose. Juzo tell Huang to take care of his own turf, but believes that Berühren is behind the attacks in an effort to lure out Tetsuro. Tetsuro then asks Juzo to help track down the culprit and protect the children, but when Juzo refuses, Tetsuro uses Harmony to take control of Juzo and leaves to search for the attacker himself. He comes across two girls being chased by a Kyusei Group enforcer and saves them. He learns the girls, Anne and Ende, were sent by Berühren to catch Tetsuro but they see Juzo as a threat. Ende transforms into a spider-like Extended and attacks him, firing poisoned bullets, however she loses control of her prosthesis and collapses. Anne takes Ende back to Cunningham, requesting medical care for her, but Cunningham decides to have the two 'gears' retired for failing in their mission. Tetsuro suddenly intervenes, saving the girls once again.
Transcription: "Hikigane" (Japanese: 引き金)
Hideki TonokatsuOctober 31, 2019 (2019-10-31)
Tetsuro is inexperienced in operating Juzo's body and is overpowered by Cunningham's bodyguards. Cunningham realizes that Tetsuro is controlling Juzo so he orders Anne and Ende to seize Tetsuro's body and kill Juzo. However, the girls hesitate when they realize Tetsuro’s situation and a frustrated Cunningham shoots Ende with drugged bullets before he leaves. The drugs make Ende go berserk and lose control of her extensions, mortally wounding Anne and forcing Tetsuro's mind out of Juzo's body. As Anne dies, she pleads with Tetsuro to save Ende. He attempts to use Harmony to take control of Ende, but his sub-brain shorts out due to over use. Juzo regains control of his body and reveals that he was conscious while Tetsuro was controlling him. Juzo orders Tetsuro to use his head mounted gun to stop Ende and the ensuing blast destroys her extensions and causes a beam of light to shoot up into in the sky. Later, Juzo and Tetsuro are forced to leave the Kyusei Pit which is no longer safe for them while Mary repairs Ende's extensions and works on a solution to reawaken Ende and the comatose children. Juzo chastises Tetsuro for forcefully taking control of his body, making him no better than Berühren, and forbids him from ever using Harmony on him again. Meanwhile, a woman watches footage of the beam of light caused by Juzo's gun and wonders if Juzo realizes the implications of his actions.
Transcription: "Kakuchō-sha taisaku-kyoku" (Japanese: 拡張者対策局)
Satoshi MatsubaraNovember 7, 2019 (2019-11-07)
Tetsuro is concerned that the discharge of Juzo's head gun will attract the attention of the EMS, the police agency responsible for monitoring ex-military Over-Extendeds. Tetsuro tries to leave, but Juzo insists that he should stay for his own protection. Juzo, Tetsuro, and Mary are invited to eat crab with Juzo's landlord, Chris, however Juzo declines as he avoids getting emotionally close to anybody. Juzo goes to have his parts serviced by his neighbor Scarlet's father, but they are confronted by Olivier, the head of the EMS. Olivier takes Juzo, Tetsuro, Mary, Chris, Scarlet, and Scarlet's father into custody to protect them from Berühren. In return, she asks Juzo to apprehend two of several prisoners who escaped EMS custody during transit. Olivier admits that EMS is forced to transfer Extended prisoners to Berühren because they are the only licensed manufacturers of corsets, devices which suppress an Extended's sub-brain. Their motorcade is suddenly ambushed by Hug Bear, one of the escaped prisoners, but he is swiftly stopped by EMS' Section Chief, Kronen. Kronen mistrusts Juzo, but Olivier warns that they need his help to capture the last prisoner, Hayden Gondry, who is the first recorded renegade Extended.
Transcription: "Eiyū" (Japanese: 英雄)
Yoshihisa MatsumotoNovember 14, 2019 (2019-11-14)
With his friends safely in EMS custody, Juzo is briefed on Hayden. Hayden was one of the first military Extended used in the war, and is infamous for going berserk and slaughtering his own squad. However, the records of his past activities have been lost, and the government had sealed him away in prison without trial to bury the entire incident. Since his escape, Hayden has already murdered three people. Olivier orders Juzo to bring Hayden back alive, which will give them the opportunity to bring him to trial to take responsibility for his crimes. Juzo examines the home of one of Hayden's victims and has a brief skirmish with Kronen before figuring out that Hayden is targeting all of the first generation Extended like himself. Juzo deduces that Hayden's next target is Tokisada Mega Armed, the very first Extended and a powerful businessman. During an event, Juzo and Kronen stop an assassination attempt, but discover the assassin is not Hayden. As Mega Armed makes his escape, he is ambushed by Hayden, who was disguised as a young girl.
Transcription: "Kanetsu" (Japanese: 過熱)
TBANovember 21, 2019 (2019-11-21)


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