Nisu language

Southern Yi
Native toChina
Native speakers
300,000 apart from Northern (2004–2007)[2]
160,000 Northern (no date)[3]
Yi logograms
Language codes
ISO 639-3Variously:
nsd – Southern
yiv – Northern
nos – Eastern
nsv – Southwestern (duplicate or spurious code)[1]
nsf – Northwestern
Glottolognisu1237  Nisu–Nyisu[4]

Nisu (Southern Yi) is a language cluster spoken by half a million Yi people of China. It is one of six Yi languages recognized by the government of China. The Yi script was traditionally used, though few can still read it.[2] According to Lama (2012), Nisu (Nishu) autonyms include ne̠˧su˥, ne̠˧su˥pʰo˨˩, and ɲe̠˧ʂu˥.

The position of Nisu within Nisoish is debated. Nisu is classified as Southeastern Loloish by Pelkey (2011), but is traditionally classified as a Northern Loloish language, including by Lama (2012).

Internal classification[edit]

Chen (1985)[edit]

Chen, et al. (1985:114) recognizes 3 major varieties of Southern Yi (i.e., Nisu) that are spoken in Yunnan province, namely Shijian 石建 (Shiping-Jianshui), Yuanjin 元金 (Yuanjiang-Jinping), and Exin 峨新 (Eshan-Xinping).[5] Autonyms include na̠33 su55 and na̠33 su55 pho21 (alternatively ne̠33 su55 pho21). Chen (1985) reported a speaker population of nearly 1.6 million.

  • Shijian 石建土语: spoken in Shiping, Jianshui, Tonghai, Gejiu, Kaiyuan, Mengzi, and Hekou counties
  • Yuanjin 元金土语: spoken in Yuanyang, Jinping, Mojiang, Yuanjiang, Pu'er, Jiangcheng, and Honghe counties
  • Exin 峨新土语: spoken in Eshan, Xinping, Jiangchuan, Yuxi, Yimen, and Kunming counties

Yang (2009)[edit]

Yang (2009) classifies the Nisu dialects as follows.

  • Northern Nisu
    • North-central (Shijian 石建): spoken in Shiping, Xinping, Jiangcheng, Mojiang, and Lüchun counties
    • Northwestern (Exin 峨新): spoken in Eshan and Jinning counties
  • Southern Nisu (Yuanjin 元金): spoken in Honghe, Yuanyang, Jinping, Yuanjiang, Shiping, and perhaps also Jianshui counties
  • Far Northwestern Nisu: spoken in Beidou Township (北斗彝族乡), Yongping County (descendants of Nisu soldiers who migrated to Yongping during the early Ming Dynasty; most divergent Nisu variety)[6]

The Jiangcheng, Mojiang, and Lüchun varieties were grouped by Chen (1985) to be southern varieties, but Yang (2009) found that they actually belonged to the Northern Nisu group.

Other varieties[edit]

Other Nisu or Southern Yi groups with similar autonyms or language varieties are:

A variety of Southern Nisu (autonym: ɲe˧su˥ pʰo˨˩) spoken in Aka Luoduo 阿卡洛多 village (also called Taiping village 太平村),[9] Tianfang Village 田房村, Jiangcheng County is covered in Lu Yan (2008).[10]

In Tonghai County, Southern Yi (Nisu) is spoken by all generations only in Xiangping 象平, Bajiao 芭蕉, Sizhai 四寨, Shikan 石坎, Pingba 平坝, Shangzhuangke 上庄科, and Xiazhuangke 下庄科 villages (Tonghai County Gazetteer 1992:600).


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