New Life (party)

New Life

LeaderIhor Fedorenko[1][2]
Kiev City Council
0 / 120

New Life (Ukrainian: НОВЕ ЖИТТЯ) is a political party in Ukraine.


The party held was created on its first congress on April 17, 2010.[1] On October 5, 2010 the party changed the name of the party from "Freedom" (Ukrainian: ВОЛЯ) to "New Life".[1] In March 2011 the Ukrainian Ministry of Justice registered the party.[1][3] The Chairman of the party was and is Ihor Fedorenko (born in 1974).[1][2]

The party did not participate in the 2012 parliamentary elections.[4]

In the 2014 Kiev local election the party won 3 seats in the Kiev City Council.[5][6] In the simultaneously held mayoral elections the parties candidate Lesya Orobets finished second (after Vitali Klitschko who won with almost 57% of the votes) with 8.46%.[7][8] Orobets at the time was a member of the Ukrainian Parliament elected during the 2012 Ukrainian parliamentary election on the party list of Batkivshchyna.[9][10]

In the 2015 Kiev local election the party lost its seats in the Kiev City Council (it scored less than 2% of the vote).[11]


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