Nazi Love Camp 27

The Swastika on the Belly
Italian promotional poster
Directed byMario Caiano
Written byMario Caiano
Gianfranco Clerici
StarringSirpa Lane
Giancarlo Sisti
Music byFrancesco De Masi
Distributed byFida International Films
Release date
  • 28 January 1977 (1977-01-28)
Running time
85 minutes

Nazi Love Camp 27 (Italian: La svastica nel ventre) is a 1977 Italian Nazi exploitation film by western director Mario Caiano starring Sirpa Lane. The film is notable for its truly grim scenes, dramatic plot and hardcore sex scenes.[1] The Italian title translates as The Swastika on the Belly.


The film opens with Hanna and her German soldier boyfriend making love in a field in the days before the outbreak of World War II. Once the war has broken out, the Jewish Hanna and her family are rounded up, but not before her mother is killed trying to defend the family. They are then taken to a concentration camp.

At the camp, Hanna and a female companion are gang raped by SS soldiers, leading Hanna's friend to throw herself on a barbed wire fence out of despair. Soon after, Hanna is forced to work in the "love camp" section of the camp, servicing SS soldiers. The commandant takes a shine to Hanna, and she becomes his personal lover. She is then placed in charge of a brothel for Nazi officers.

Meanwhile, her boyfriend works at a Lebensborn program, and tries to search out Hanna, thinking her dead. When they meet, Hanna refuses to be rescued and instead heads back to the brothel to kill the commandant in vengeance. Hanna then travels to a party of SS soldiers and sings a Jewish song. As they react violently, she shoots a general, before being gunned down herself.



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