Muhammad III ibn Abd al-Aziz

Muhammad III ibn Abd al-Aziz
Sultan of Morocco
Reign1372 – 1374
PredecessorAbu Faris Abd al-Aziz I
SuccessorAhmad ibn Ibrahim, al-Mustansir
FatherAbu Faris Abd al-Aziz I

Abu Zayyan al-Sa'id Muhammad III ibn Abd al-Aziz, was Marinid Sultan of Morocco from 1372 to 1374.[1]


Muhammad Abu Zayyan ascended the throne as a minor on the death of his father, Sultan Abu Faris Abd al-Aziz. His father had befriended Lisan al-Din bin al-Khatib, former vizier of Muhammed V of Granada, and during Muhammad bin Abd al-Aziz's rule al-Khatib was safe.[2]

Muhammed V sent two Marinid princes to Morocco whom he had been holding captive in Granada: Ahmad ibn Ibrahim and Abdul Rahman bin Yaflusin, and supported them in taking control of northern Morocco.[3] Muhammad Abu Zayyan was succeeded in 1374 by Abul Abbas Ahmad and Abd-al-Rahman.[1] Abul-Abbas Ahmad (Mustanzir) became the Sultan of Fez, while Abdul Rahman became the independent Sultan of Marrakesh.[3] Al-Khatib was imprisoned and in 1375 was strangled to death while in captivity.[2]



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