Monsters, Inc. Scream Arena

Monsters, Inc. Scream Arena
Monsters Inc Scream Arena.jpg
North American box art
Developer(s)Radical Entertainment
Producer(s)Cam Weber
Programmer(s)Josh Blommestein
Chakib Ouhajjou
Lorraine Cobb
Sean Butterworth
Composer(s)Marc Baril
  • NA: September 14, 2002
  • EU: April 11, 2003
Mode(s)Single-player, multiplayer

Monsters, Inc. Scream Arena is a sports video game released in 2002 by Radical Entertainment for the Nintendo Gamecube. The game is based on the computer-animated feature film Monsters, Inc..


As seen in the movie, the monsters of Monsters, Inc. need to come up with another source of power for their worlds. The game starts off with a cut scene where the characters are doing their work trying to make the child laugh. When they fail, another character has a ball thrown at them causing an uproar of laughs. This also causes the laugh power meter to increase. This sparks their idea to start an all out war of dodge ball to keep the power running throughout their world.[1]

It is a basic dodgeball game with sheer simplicity aimed at a very young audience.[1] The game starts in a specially designed arena, where monsters are lined up like in actual dodgeball and throw laugh balls at each other. There are a total of seven arenas and other bonus stages and mini-games which will be unlocked as the game progresses.[2]


Each player's goal is to throw balls at competing players, while doing this each monster will react differently upon contact.[3] The ultimate goal is to knock off your opponent and fill the laughter canister with children's laughter first. There are a total of 13 monsters among which a player can choose among five to start with. More playable monsters and stages will be unlocked as the game progresses in single-player mode. Each arena is based on a scene from the movie and has five different objectives, like obtaining the most points from pure hits, hitting targets, holding on a special ball longest and more. Only after completing them the player can move on to the next arena. Also, there are different types of balls which are fast, slow, sticky and explosive.[1] The game has both single-player mode and multi-player mode with up to four players. In both modes the winner is the first monster to knock off the opponents.[4]

Game modes[edit]

There is a wide variety of different types of games that are available to play.[5]

  • Whoever gets hit the fewest times wins the round.
  • Hit the targets that appear in the room the most to win.
  • The player who is able to hold the special ball the longest before another player knocks it out of their hands wins.
  • The team who has the fewest balls on their side of the room wins.