Mondzish languages

ChineseVietnamese border
Linguistic classificationSino-Tibetan
Wenshan prefecture in Yunnan, China

Mondzish (Mangish) is a small group of languages that constitute the most divergent branch of the Lolo–Burmese languages in the classification of Lama (2012).

Mondzish languages are spoken in Wenshan Prefecture, Yunnan, China and across the border in Hà Giang Province, Vietnam. According to Hsiu (2014), Kathu is related.


Hsiu (2014:73) classifies the Mondzish languages as follows. Additional languages from Hsiu (2017) are also included.

A revised classification of Mondzish languages by Hsiu (2018)[5] is as follows.

Sound changes[edit]

Lama (2012) lists the following sound changes from Proto-Loloish as Mondzish innovations.

  • *tsʰ- > s-
  • *ɣr- > ʐ-
  • *ɣʷ- > b-


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