Massachusetts English Language Education in Public Schools Initiative

The Massachusetts English Language Education in Public Schools Initiative was a successful initiative voted on in the Massachusetts general election held on November 5, 2002.[1] It was one of three 2002 ballot measures put to public vote, and the only one to pass.

The initiative was reportedly financed by Silicon Valley multimillionaire Ron Unz,[2] while it was opposed by the Massachusetts legislature’s Joint Committee on Education, Arts and Humanities.[3]


Question 2 on the ballot, "English Language Education in Public Schools".[4]

A YES VOTE would require that, with limited exceptions, all public school children must be taught English by being taught all subjects in English and being placed in English language classrooms.[3]
A NO VOTE would make no changes in English language education in public schools.[3]
Response Votes %
Yes 1,359,935 61.25%
No 640,525 28.85%
blank 219,841 9.90%

Source: [4]


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