Marmon Group

Marmon Holdings, Inc.
IndustryTransportation equipment, Electrical and other industrial components, Construction, Food, Beverage & Water, and Retail services
Founded1953; 67 years ago (1953) in United States
(as Colson Corporation)
FounderRobert Pritzker Edit this on Wikidata
Headquarters181 West Madison Street, ,
Key people
Angelo Pantaleo (CEO)
OwnerBerkshire Hathaway

Marmon Group is a United States industrial holding company headquartered in Chicago, Illinois; founded by Jay Pritzker and Robert Pritzker in 1953 (as Colson Corporation), it has been held by the Berkshire Hathaway group since 2013.[not verified in body] It owns companies that produce transportation equipment, electrical components, and other industrial components,[not verified in body] and companies that provide services in the construction and retail sectors.[not verified in body] Tank car manufacturing is a significant part of its business,[not verified in body] products which are sold through its subsidiaries Union Tank Car Company in the United States[not verified in body] and Procor in Canada.[not verified in body] Berkshire Hathaway, which owns the largest freight railroad carrier in North America, BNSF Railway,[not verified in body] acquired controlling interest in Marmon in 2007 and became sole owner six years later.

Origin and history[edit]

In 1953, Jay Pritzker and Robert Pritzker acquired Colson Corporation, a struggling manufacturer of casters, bicycles, navy rockets, and wheelchairs with sales of $3 million.[1][2] The name of the company was changed to Marmon Group in 1964, after the acquisition of Marmon-Herrington.[3] Major acquisitions by Marmon Group have included Cerro Corporation (1976) and TransUnion (1981).[1][3] In 2007, the Pritzker family sold a 60 percent interest in Marmon Group to Berkshire Hathaway, with plans for Berkshire to acquire the remaining 40% over the course of the next 5–6 years;[4] the remaining minority stake was purchased by Berkshire in 2013.[5]


The following is a list of subsidiaries of the Marmon Group:[6]

  • Amarillo Gear Company LLC
    • Amarillo Gear Service
  • Amarillo Wind Machine LLC
  • Anderson Copper and Brass Company LLC
  • Astha Sterling Crane Plc (India)
  • Atlas Bolt & Screw Company LLC
  • Cable USA LLC
  • Campbell Hausfield
  • Cannon Equipment[7]
  • Catequip S.A.S and Cat'Serv S.A.R.L
  • CCPI Europe Ltd
  • Cerro Electrical Products
  • Cerro E.M.S
  • Cerro Fabricated Products LLC
  • Cerro Flow Products LLC
  • Cerro Plumbing Products
  • Cerro Wire LLC
  • Commercial Zone Products
  • Comtran Cable LLC
  • Cornelius
  • DCI-Artform
    • Sloane Retail Solutions
  • Dekoron Unitherm LLC
  • Dekoron Wire & Cable LLC
  • Display Technologies LLC
  • Dominioni[8]
  • Ecodyne Heat Exchangers LLC
  • Ecodyne Ltd
  • EcoWater Canada Ltd
  • EcoWater Systems Europe
  • EcoWater Systems LLC
  • Eden
  • Enersul Inc.
  • Epuro
  • EXSIF Worldwide Inc.
  • Filtrex Technologies
  • Fontaine Commercial Trailer Inc.
  • Fontaine Fifth Wheel Company
  • Fontaine Modification Company
  • Fontaine Spray Suppression Company
  • Freo Group Pty Ltd (Australia)
  • Gendon Polymer Services Inc.
  • Graver Technologies LLC
  • Graver Water Systems LLC
  • Harbour Industries LLC
  • IMPulse NC LLC
  • Jomac Canada
  • Joyce Crane
  • Koehler-Bright Star LLC
  • KX Technologies LLC
  • L.A. Darling Company LLC
  • Leader Metal Industry Co. Ltd
  • Lindenau Full Tank Services GmbH
  • M/K Express Company LLC
  • Marmon Aerospace & Defense, LLC, dba RSCC Aerospace and Defense [9]
  • Marmon Utility LLC (Hendrix)
  • Marmon Utility LLC (Kerite)
  • Marmon/Keystone Canada Inc.
  • Marmon/Keystone LLC
  • Marmon-Herrington Company
  • McKenzie Valve & Machining LLC
  • Midwest Plastic Fabricators
  • Nylok LLC
  • Owl Wire and Cable LLC
  • Pan American Screw LLC
  • Penn Aluminum International LLC
  • Penn Machine Company LLC
  • Perfection
  • Prince Castle LLC
  • Procoves Industrie
  • Radiant-RSCC Speciality Cable Private Ltd (India)
  • Railserve Inc.
    • Ameritrack Rail
  • RLS Press Fittings
  • Robertson Inc.
  • RSCC Wire & Cable LLC
  • Sisu Axles Inc.
  • Sonnax Transmission Company, Inc.
  • Sterling Crane (North America)
  • Store Opening Solutions LLC
  • Streater LLC
  • TE Wire & Cable LLC
  • Thorco Industries LLC
  • 3Wire Group Inc.
  • Trackmobile LLC
  • Trade Fixtures LLC
  • Transco Railway Products
  • Triangle Suspension Systems Inc.
  • TSE Brakes Inc.
  • Tucker Safety Products
  • Unarco Industries LLC
  • Uni-Form Components Co.
  • Union Tank Car Company
  • UTLX Company
  • Webb Wheel Products
  • Wells Lamont Industrial
  • Wells Lamont Retail Group
  • Western Builders Supply Inc.


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