List of people executed in Indiana

The following is a list of people executed by the U.S. State of Indiana since its statehood.

List of people executed in Indiana since 1977[edit]

A total of twenty people convicted of murder have been executed by the state of Indiana in the United States since the reinstatement of the death penalty in 1977. Prior to 1995, electrocution was the sole method of execution. This was replaced with lethal injection in 1995. The executions on this list are of those executed by the state government of Indiana; this list does not include persons executed within Indiana by the Federal Government.

# Name Date of Execution Victim(s) Under Governor Method of Execution
1 Steven Timothy Judy March 9, 1981 Terry Chasteen, Misty Zollers, Stephen Chasteen, and Mark Chasteen Robert D. Orr electrocution
2 William Earl Vandiver [1] October 16, 1985 Paul Komyatti
3 Gregory D. Resnover December 7, 1994 Sergeant Jack Ohrberg (Indianapolis PD) Evan Bayh
4 Tommie J. Smith July 18, 1996 Sergeant Jack Ohrberg (Indianapolis PD) [2] lethal injection
5 Gary Burris November 20, 1997 Kenneth Chambers Frank O'Bannon
6 Robert Allan Smith January 29, 1998 Michael Wedmore
7 D. H. Fleenor December 9, 1999 Bill Harlow and Nyla Harlow
8 Gerald Wayne Bivins March 14, 2001 William H. Radcliffe
9 James Lowery June 27, 2001 Mark and Gertrude Thompson
10 Kevin Lee Hough May 2, 2003 Ted Bosler and Gene Rubrake
11 Joseph L. Trueblood June 12, 2003 Susan Bowsher, Ashlyn Bowsher, and William Bowsher
12 Donald Ray Wallace, Jr. March 10, 2005 Patrick, Teresa, Lisa, and Gregory Gilligan Mitch Daniels
13 William J. Benefiel, Jr. April 21, 2005 Delores Wells
14 Gregory Scott Johnson May 25, 2005 Ruby Hutslar
15 Kevin Aaron Conner July 27, 2005 Steven Wentland, Anthony Moore, and Bruce Voge
16 Alan Lehman Matheney September 28, 2005 Lisa Bianco (ex-wife)
17 Marvin Bieghler January 27, 2006 Tommy Miller and Kimberly Jane Miller
18 David Leon Woods May 4, 2007 Juan Placencia
19 Michael Allen Lambert June 15, 2007 Officer Gregg Winters (Muncie PD)
20 Matthew Wrinkles December 11, 2009 Debra Jean Wrinkles, Tony Fulkerson, and Natalie Fulkerson

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