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This is a list of the members of Stortinget, the Norwegian parliament, in the period 2001 to 2005. The members (Norwegian: stortingsrepresentanter) were elected in the Norwegian parliamentary election of 10 September 2001.

The parliament convened on 22 October 2001, and the term ended on 30 September 2005.

Voting system[edit]

Members to Stortinget are elected based on party-list proportional representation in plural member constituencies (Norwegian: forholdstallsvalg i flermannskretser). This means that representatives from different political parties, are elected from each constituency. The constituencies are identical to the 19 counties of Norway.

The electorate does not vote for individuals but rather for party lists, with a ranked list of candidates nominated by the party. This means that the person on top of the list will get the seat unless the voter alters the ballot. Parties may nominate candidates from outside their own constituency, and even Norwegian citizens currently living abroad.

The Sainte-Laguë method is used for allocating parliamentary seats to parties. As a result, the percentage of representatives is roughly equal to the nationwide percentage of votes. Still, a party with a high number of votes in only one constituency can win a seat there even if the nationwide percentage is low. In this election, this happened with the Coastal Party. Conversely, if a party's initial representation in Stortinget is proportionally less than it share of votes, the party may seat more representatives through leveling seats (Norwegian: utjevningsmandater), provided that the nationwide percentage is above the election threshold (Norwegian: sperregrense), currently at 4%. In 2001, eight seats were allocated via the leveling system.[1]


A total of 165 representatives were elected, distributed as follows:

Before the end of the term, the Progress Party group had been reduced to 24 as two representatives left the party, continuing as independents.

If a representative is absent for whatever reason, his or her seat will be filled by a candidate from the same party-list – in other words, there are no by-elections. Representatives who die during the term are replaced permanently, whereas representatives who are appointed to a government position, such as government minister (cabinet member) or state secretary, will be replaced by a deputy representative until the representative no longer holds the government position. Deputy representatives also meet during typically short-term absence, like when a representative travels abroad with a parliamentary work group or is absent for health reasons.

In October 2005, when the term ended, the percentage of female representatives was approximately 37.5%.

List of representatives[edit]

The representatives elected as leveling seats are indicated with a blue background.

Name Party Constituency Comments
Jan Olav Olsen Conservative Party Aust-Agder
Åse Gunhild Woie Duesund Christian Democrats Aust-Agder
Gunnar Halvorsen Labour Party Aust-Agder
Torbjørn Andersen Progress Party Aust-Agder
Jon Lilletun Christian Democrats Vest-Agder
Ansgar Gabrielsen Conservative Party Vest-Agder Appointed to the second cabinet Bondevik. Peter Skovholt Gitmark met in his place.[2]
Rolf Terje Klungland Labour Party Vest-Agder
Dagrun Eriksen Christian Democrats Vest-Agder
Anne Berit Andersen Conservative Party Vest-Agder
Jan Petersen Conservative Party Akershus Appointed to the second cabinet Bondevik. André Oktay Dahl met in his place.[3]
Vidar Bjørnstad Labour Party Akershus
Sonja Irene Sjøli Conservative Party Akershus
Ursula Evje Progress Party Akershus Left her party and sat as an independent representative from December 2004.[4]
Rolf Reikvam Socialist Left Party Akershus
Grethe Fossli Labour Party Akershus
Jan Tore Sanner Conservative Party Akershus
Valgerd Svarstad Haugland Christian Democrats Akershus Appointed to the second cabinet Bondevik. Einar Holstad met in her place.[5]
André Kvakkestad Progress Party Akershus
Kjell Engebretsen Labour Party Akershus
Leif Frode Onarheim Conservative Party Akershus
Siri Hall Arnøy Socialist Left Party Akershus
Morten Høglund Progress Party Akershus
Åslaug Haga Centre Party Akershus
Julie Christiansen Conservative Party Akershus
Thorbjørn Jagland Labour Party Buskerud
Trond Helleland Conservative Party Buskerud
Ulf Erik Knudsen Progress Party Buskerud
Sigrun Eng Labour Party Buskerud
Magnar Lund Bergo Socialist Left Party Buskerud
Beate Heieren Hundhammer Conservative Party Buskerud
Finn Kristian Marthinsen Christian Democrats Buskerud
Karl Eirik Schjøtt-Pedersen Labour Party Finnmark
Olav Gunnar Ballo Socialist Left Party Finnmark
Raymond Robertsen Conservative Party Finnmark
Eva M. Nielsen Labour Party Finnmark
Sylvia Brustad Labour Party Hedmark
Eirin Faldet Labour Party Hedmark
Karin Andersen Socialist Left Party Hedmark
Bjørn Hernæs Conservative Party
Per Roar Bredvold Progress Party Hedmark
Knut Storberget Labour Party Hedmark
Ola D. Gløtvold Centre Party Hedmark
Åse Wisløff Nilssen Christian Democrats Hedmark
Oddvard Nilsen Conservative Party Hordaland
Ranveig Frøiland Labour Party Hordaland
Arne Sortevik Progress Party Hordaland
Ingebrigt S. Sørfonn Christian Democrats Hordaland
Ågot Valle Socialist Left Party Hordaland
Erna Solberg Conservative Party Hordaland Appointed to the second cabinet Bondevik. Silja Ekeland Bjørkly met in her place.[6]
Olav Akselsen Labour Party Hordaland
Gjermund Hagesæter Progress Party Hordaland
Anita Apelthun Sæle Christian Democrats Hordaland
Øyvind Halleraker Conservative Party Hordaland
Leif Lund Labour Party Hordaland Died in May 2004. Rita Tveiten met in his place.[7]
Audun Lysbakken Socialist Left Party Hordaland
Lars Sponheim Liberal Party Hordaland Appointed to the second cabinet Bondevik. May Britt Vihovde met in his place.[8]
Karin S. Woldseth Progress Party Hordaland
Ingmar Ljones Christian Democrats Hordaland
Rune J. Skjælaaen Centre Party Hordaland
Torbjørn Hansen Conservative Party Hordaland
Kjell Magne Bondevik Christian Democrats Møre og Romsdal Prime Minister in the second cabinet Bondevik. Modulf Aukan met in his place.[9]
Asmund Kristoffersen Labour Party Møre og Romsdal
Petter Løvik Conservative Party Møre og Romsdal
Lodve Solholm Progress Party Møre og Romsdal
May-Helen Molvær Grimstad Christian Democrats Møre og Romsdal
Karita Bekkemellem Orheim Labour Party Møre og Romsdal
Bjørn Jacobsen Socialist Left Party Møre og Romsdal
Elisabeth Røbekk Nørve Conservative Party Møre og Romsdal
Harald T. Nesvik Progress Party Møre og Romsdal
Eli Sollied Øveraas Centre Party Møre og Romsdal
Hill-Marta Solberg Labour Party Nordland
Geir-Ketil Hansen Socialist Left Party Nordland
Kenneth Svendsen Progress Party Nordland
Ivar Kristiansen Conservative Party Nordland
Torny Pedersen Labour Party Nordland
Jan Sahl Christian Democrats Nordland
Steinar Bastesen Coastal Party Nordland
Odd Roger Enoksen Centre Party Nordland
Tor-Arne Strøm Labour Party Nordland
Åsa Elvik Socialist Left Party Nordland
Jan Arild Ellingsen Progress Party Nordland
Søren Fredrik Voie Conservative Party Nordland
Haakon Blankenborg Labour Party Oppland
Berit Brørby Labour Party Oppland
Olemic Thommessen Conservative Party Oppland
Inger S. Enger Centre Party Oppland
Kjetil Bjørklund Socialist Left Party Oppland
Thore A. Nistad Progress Party Oppland
Torstein Rudihagen Labour Party Oppland
Per-Kristian Foss Conservative Party Oslo Appointed to the second cabinet Bondevik. Ine Marie Eriksen met in his place.[10]
Jens Stoltenberg Labour Party Oslo
Kristin Halvorsen Socialist Left Party Oslo
Kristin Krohn Devold Conservative Party Oslo Appointed to the second cabinet Bondevik. Hans Gjeisar Kjæstad met in her place.[11]
Carl I. Hagen Progress Party Oslo
Marit Nybakk Labour Party Oslo
Inge Lønning Conservative Party Oslo
Heikki Holmås Socialist Left Party Oslo
Bjørgulv Froyn Labour Party Oslo
Lars Rise Christian Democrats Oslo
Siv Jensen Progress Party Oslo
Odd Einar Dørum Liberal Party Oslo Appointed to the second cabinet Bondevik. Trine Skei Grande met in his place.[12]
Heidi Larssen Conservative Party Oslo
Heidi Sørensen Socialist Left Party Oslo
Afshan Rafiq Conservative Party Oslo
Britt Hildeng Labour Party Oslo
Bent Høie Conservative Party Rogaland
Einar Steensnæs Christian Democrats Rogaland
Jan Simonsen Progress Party Rogaland Left his party and sat as an independent representative from October 2001.[13]
Tore Nordtun Labour Party Rogaland
Finn Martin Vallersnes Conservative Party Rogaland
Bjørg Tørresdal Christian Democrats Rogaland
Hallgeir H. Langeland Socialist Left Party Rogaland
Øyvind Vaksdal Progress Party Rogaland
Oddbjørg Ausdal Starrfelt Labour Party Rogaland
Siri A. Meling Conservative Party Rogaland
Magnhild Meltveit Kleppa Centre Party Rogaland
Reidar Sandal Labour Party Sogn og Fjordane
Jorunn Ringstad Centre Party Sogn og Fjordane
Magne Aarøen Christian Democrats Sogn og Fjordane Died in June 2003. Per Steinar Osmundnes met in his place.[14]
Sverre J. Hoddevik Conservative Party Sogn og Fjordane
Heidi Grande Røys Socialist Left Party Sogn og Fjordane
Sigvald Oppebøen Hansen Labour Party Telemark
John I. Alvheim Progress Party Telemark
Kari Lise Holmberg Conservative Party Telemark
Sigbjørn Molvik Socialist Left Party Telemark
Gunn Olsen Labour Party Telemark
Bror Yngve Rahm Christian Democrats Telemark
Bendiks H. Arnesen Labour Party Troms
Åge Konradsen Conservative Party Troms
Lena Jensen Socialist Left Party Troms
Øyvind Korsberg Progress Party Troms
Ivar Østberg Christian Democrats Troms
Synnøve Konglevoll Labour Party Troms
Bjarne Håkon Hanssen Labour Party Nord-Trøndelag
Marit Arnstad Centre Party Nord-Trøndelag
Aud Gaundal Labour Party Nord-Trøndelag
Inge Ryan Socialist Left Party Nord-Trøndelag
Per Sandberg Progress Party Nord-Trøndelag
Arne Lyngstad Christian Democrats Nord-Trøndelag
Gunhild Øyangen Labour Party Sør-Trøndelag
Børge Brende Conservative Party Sør-Trøndelag Appointed to the second cabinet Bondevik. Linda Cathrine Hofstad met in his place.[15]
Øystein Djupedal Socialist Left Party Sør-Trøndelag
Trond Giske Labour Party Sør-Trøndelag
Christopher Stensaker Progress Party Sør-Trøndelag
Ola T. Lånke Christian Democrats Sør-Trøndelag
Michael Momyr Conservative Party Sør-Trøndelag
Gunn Karin Gjul Labour Party Sør-Trøndelag
Ingvild Vaggen Malvik Socialist Left Party Sør-Trøndelag
Morten Lund Centre Party Sør-Trøndelag
Svein Flåtten Conservative Party Vestfold
Jørgen Kosmo Labour Party Vestfold
Per Ove Width Progress Party Vestfold
Hans Kristian Hogsnes Conservative Party Vestfold
Inga Marte Thorkildsen Socialist Left Party Vestfold
Elsa Skarbøvik Christian Democrats Vestfold
Anne Helen Rui Labour Party Vestfold
Per Erik Monsen Progress Party Vestfold
Signe Øye Labour Party Østfold
Martin Engeset Conservative Party Østfold
Øystein Hedstrøm Progress Party Østfold
Svein Roald Hansen Labour Party Østfold
Odd Holten Christian Democrats Østfold
May Hansen Socialist Left Party Østfold
Ingjerd Schou Conservative Party Østfold Appointed to the second cabinet Bondevik until June 2004, during which period Carsten Dybevig met in her place.[16]
Henrik Rød Progress Party Østfold


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    • Note: This source also includes deputy representatives ("supleanter") who meet in the Parliament for brief and arbitraty periods of time, for instance when a regular representative travels abroad with a parliamentary work group, or is absent for health reasons. Due to the fluctuant nature of such replacements, they should not be included in this list.


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