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Although Bob Kane achieved renown for creating the fictional superhero Batman, he and others have acknowledged the contributions of Bill Finger for fleshing the character out, writing many of his early stories, and creating the character's origin. Many other comic book creators (writers, artists, and sometimes editors who contributed important ideas or altered how the character would be presented) have contributed to the character's history since Batman's introduction in Detective Comics #27 in 1939. This list identifies some who made notable contributions with enduring impact.

Creators of Batman[edit]

Notable contributors[edit]

This is an incomplete list.

Writers & Artists[edit]

The following list is of people who have both written and drawn Batman comics.

Name/Tenure Notable Stories/Titles Notable Characters (Co-)Created By Notes
Frank Miller

He re-established Batman's origin during Crisis on Infinite Earths. He was also an artist on The Dark Knight Returns and Strikes Again.

Jim Starlin
Matt Wagner
Judd Winick

Created Jasons Todd's Red Hood identity but not the character of Jason Todd himself which was created by Gerry Conway and Don Newton.

Writers Only[edit]

Name/Tenure Notable Stories/Titles Notable Characters (Co-)Created By Notes
Mike W. Barr

Whilst he and Jerry Bingham originally created Damian Wayne, it was Grant Morrison and Andy Kubert who reinterpreted the character for more modern times.

Ed Brubaker


Also co-created the majority of the Police Officers and Detectives featured in Gotham Central.

Donald Clough Cameron
  • "Here Comes Alfred!" - Batman #16
    (April–May 1943)
Gerry Conway
Paul Dini


  • Whilst not writing comics till 2006, he did write for other Batman mediums before that time see below.
  • Created the update to Mr Freeze's backstory.
Chuck Dixon

Also co-created Nightwing's new home of Blüdhaven as well as some of his rogues gallery.

Steve Englehart


  • Detective 439 - Night of the Stalker
  • Batman: Strange Apparitions (1977-1978)
  • Batman: Dark Detective
  • Batman: Dark Detective II
Gardner Fox


  • Detective Comics

He helped script Batman's origin story. Also the co-originator of the Batarang and (proto-) Batplane.

Neil Gaiman
Alan Grant
Devin K. Grayson

Is currently the only ongoing female/non-heterosexual Batman writer.

Robert Kanigher
Tom King (Current)
Jeph Loeb
Doug Moench
Grant Morrison
Alan Moore
Dennis O'Neil

As well as being a long-term writer, he was also an editor of the Batman titles, and is credited with 'rebooting' the Batman character.

David Vern Reed
1950-1956, 1975
  • Ride, Bat-Hombre, Ride
  • The Birth of Batplane II
  • The Joker's Millions
  • Two-Face Strikes Again
  • The Joker's Utility Belt
  • The Daily Death of Terry Tremayne
  • The Underworld Olympics '76!
  • Where Were You on the Night Batman Was Killed?
Greg Rucka
Dan Slott
Scott Snyder

Court of Owls was co-created with artist Greg Capullo

Peter Tomasi
  • Outsiders vol. 3 #26-27, "Tick Tock" (with Will Conrad, July–August 2005)
  • Nightwing vol. 2 #140-153 (January 2008-February 2009)
  • Batman and Robin vol. 1 #20-22 (February–April 2011)
  • Batman and Robin vol. 2 #1-40, 23.1, Annual #1-2 (September 2011-March 2015)
  • Batman vol. 2 #23.4: Bane, "Dark Destiny" (with Graham Nolan, September 2013)
  • Detective Comics vol. 2 #23.3, 27, 45-46, 48-52 (September 2013 – present)
  • Batman/Superman #31-32 (with Doug Mahnke, April–May 2016)
  • Super Sons #1-Present (with Jorge Jimenez, February 2017-)
James Tynion IV
John Wagner
Len Wein

Was also Editor-in-Chief of DC Comics during Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Marv Wolfman
David Wood Worked as an uncredited "Ghost" writer during the Golden-Silver and Bronze Age.

Artists Only[edit]

Name/Tenure Notable Stories/Titles Notable Characters (Co-)Created By Notes
Neal Adams
  • Batman vol 1. Batman #219, 232, 234, 237, 243-245, 251, 255 (1970–74)
  • Brave and the Bold #79-86, 93 (1968–71); #102
  • Detective Comics #369; 395, 397, 400, 402, 404, 407, 408, 410 (1967–71)
  • Batman Odyssey, #1-6 (2010–11)
  • Batman Odyssey, vol. 2, #1-7 (2011–12)

Covers only

  • Batman #200, 203, 217-218, 220-227, 229-231, 235-236, 238-241 (1968–72), Annual #14 (1990)
  • Detective Comics #372, 385, 389, 391-392, 394, 396, 398-399, 401, 403, 405-406, 409, 411-422, 439 (1968–74)
  • All-Star Batman and Robin #8-9 (variant) (2008)

known for drawing the definitive 1970s visual interpretation that returned Batman to his gothic roots.

Jim Aparo
Brian Bolland
Bob Brown
Norm Breyfogle
Ernie Chan
Dick Giordano
Carmine Infantino

Penciller and primary artist of the 1964 "New Look" Batman

Kelley Jones
  • Batman #515-519, 521-525, 527-532, 535-552 (1995-1998)
  • Batman & Dracula: Red Rain (1991)
  • Batman: Dark Joker – The Wild (1993)
  • Batman: Bloodstorm HC (1994)
  • Batman: Crimson Mist HC (1999)
  • Batman: Haunted Gotham #1-4 (2000)
  • Batman: Gotham After Midnight #1-12 (2008–2009)
  • Batman Annual #27 (2009)
  • Batman: Unseen #1-5 (2009-2010)

Artist best known for his runs on Batman with writer Doug Moench.

Jim Lee
David Mazzucchelli
Tom Mandrake
Dave McKean
Sheldon Moldoff

One of Bob Kane's primary "ghost artists".

Jim Mooney
Don Newton
Graham Nolan
George Pérez
Frank Robbins
Jerry Robinson

Early ghost artist for Bob Kane.

Marshall Rogers
  • Batman: Strange Apparitions
Tim Sale
Walter Simonson
Lew Schwartz
Ryan Sook
Dick Sprang
Curt Swan

Drew many late 1950s and early 1960s Batman covers (although best known for Superman work).

Other notable contributors[edit]

Name Title Tenure Notable titles Characters (Co-)Created By Notes
Tim Burton Movie Director
  • 1989
  • 1992
Pushed Batman into the public eye by making him Dark outside of the comic book media.
Paul Dini

Television (Animation)
& Video Game Writer

  • 1992-1995
  • 1999-2001
  • 2009
  • 2011

Came up with a newer, more tragic origin story for Mr. Freeze, in Batman The Animated Series, involving the creation of the character of Nora Fries, which is now commonly used in the comics.

William Dozier

TV Producer


Batman 1966 TV series

Produced and narrated (without credit in latter capacity) the Batman 1966 TV series.

Christopher Nolan

Movie Director

  • 2005
  • 2008
  • 2012
Rebooted the Batman movie franchise into a more realistic setting.
Jack Schiff Comic Book Editor
Julius Schwartz

Comic Book Editor



Commissioned "The Million-Dollar Debut Of Batgirl," the story in which Barbara Gordon was introduced as both herself and the Silver Age Of Comics Batgirl.

Lorenzo Semple Jr.

TV Writer


Batman 1966 TV series

Developed look and wrote most early episodes of the Batman 1966 TV series after ABC-TV had acquired the rights and chosen 20th Century Fox Television as the studio through which it was produced.

Bruce W. Timm

Animator & Producer

  • 1992-1995
  • 1999-2001

Created the character sheets for Batman: The Animated Series.

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