List of Armenian writers

Hovhannes Tumanyan is considered to be the national poet of Armenia

This is a list of Armenian authors, arranged chronologically.


Classical Armenian is the literary language of Armenia written during the 5th to 18th centuries.

5th century
Movses Khorenatsi depicted in a 14th-century Armenian manuscript.
6th century
7th century
8th century
9th century
Armenian manuscript, 887
10th century
11th century
Grigor Narekatsi (12th century Armenian manuscript)
12th century
13th century
14th century
Grigor Tatevatsi (15th century Armenian manuscript)
15th century
16th century
17th century
18th century


Bedros Tourian was one of the earliest Western Armenian writers
Ghevont Alishan is a prominent Western Armenian poet
Louise Aslanian was a well-known French-Armenian writer and poetess. She was killed in Nazi concentration camp

Western Armenian[edit]

Khachatur Abovian is considered to be the founder of Eastern Armenian literature

Eastern Armenian[edit]

Tsarist era
Yeghishe Charents fell victim to the Great Purge in 1937
Hovhannes Shiraz is one of the most notable Armenian writers of the late Soviet period
Soviet era
Independence era

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