Liechtenstein Homeland Service

Liechtenstein Homeland Service

Liechtensteiner Heimatdienst
Founded1933 (1933)
Dissolved1936 (1936)
Merged intoPatriotic Union
NewspaperStimme für heimische Wirtschaft, Kultur und Volkstum
(Voice for local business, culture and folklore)
IdeologyCorporate statism


Liechtenstein Homeland Service (German: Liechtensteiner Heimatdienst, LHD) was a political party in Liechtenstein that advocated corporate statism and the abolition of party politics.[1]

Established in the autumn of 1933, the party's positions began to radicalize and move toward National Socialist ideas within a few months of existence.[1] By December 1933, this radicalization caused some members (such as co-founder Eugen Schafhauser) to abandon the party.[2]

LHD merged with the Christian-Social People's Party (VP) in 1936 to form the Patriotic Union (VU).[3]


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