Libertarian perspectives on immigration

The libertarian perspective on immigration is often regarded as one of the core concepts of libertarian theory and philosophy.[1][2] Some libertarians assert that "[e]fforts by the government to manage the labor market are as apt to fail as similar efforts to protect domestic industries or orchestrate industrial policy. [...] If an immigrant seeks to engage in peaceful, voluntary transactions that do not threaten the freedom or security of the native-born, the government should not interfere".[3]

Libertarian proponents of free immigration[edit]

Samuel Edward Konkin III has promoted illegal immigration as being a key part of the counter-economy.[4]

Libertarian author Jacob Hornberger, a proponent of freer immigration policies,[5][6] argues that open borders is the only libertarian immigration position.[7]

Jeffrey Tucker, Director of Content at the Foundation for Economic Education,[8] has been critical of the closed-border arguments made by conservative-leaning libertarians:[9][10]

This is a huge debate among people who otherwise swear fealty to "limited government." Many people who claim to want freedom seem to have no problem with the implications of a closed-border policy: national IDs, national work permits, non-stop surveillance, harassment of all businesses, a "papers please" culture, mass deportation, tens of billions in waste, bureaucrats wrecking the American dream, broken families, [and] the rights of Americans and foreigners transgressed at every turn.[9]


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