Latin Patriarchate of Ethiopia

The Latin Patriarchate of Ethiopia was a Latin patriarchal see of the Catholic Church in Ethiopia from 1555 to 1663.

The "archbishopric" was held by Portuguese and one Spanish bishops, all members of the Society of Jesus.

List of Latin Patriarchs of Ethiopia[edit]

All Roman Rite Jesuits.

Non-succeeding Coadiutor-Archbishops of Ethiopia[edit]

(all Jesuits, survived by the incumbent Patriarchs)

  • Didacus Secco, S.J. (1622.12.19 – death 1623.07), Titular Archbishop of Nicæa (1622.12.19 – 1623.07)
  • Giovanni de Rocha, S.J. (1623.03.06 – death 1627?), Titular Archbishop of Hierapolis (1623.03.06 – 1627?)
  • Apollinaris de Almeida, S.J. (1627.03.22 – death 1638.06.15), Titular Archbishop of Nicæa (1627.03.22 – 1638.06.15)

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